Lakbay-Diwa (英語 訳)

  • アーティスト: Asin (ASIN, Lolita Carbon, Mike Pillora Junior, Cesar Bañares Junior (deceased), Pendong Aban Junior)
  • 曲名: Lakbay-Diwa
  • 翻訳: 英語
英語 訳英語

Mind Trip

Oh my friend
with glazed eyes
Due to the inhaled smoke
Is there some left? Can I have some
So the ugly becomes beautiful
Blinking light
So pretty to look at
If you ask him/her
Only one reason
Hit the post
In a wide road
The middle of the day
Saw the moon
Oh my friend
That has something
Bring it out
Can see it in your eyes
Fly that passed by
He talks to it and stares
Because he thought
it will crush him
He said oh oh oh
Oh my friend
Left an ace
Gave it all
His eyes went blank
Oh my friend, never learns
After a few days I saw him
Walking alone and talking to himself
He became great
The great dumbass
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