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مسبب - زنده (Mosabeb - Zendeh) (英語 の翻訳)

  • アーティスト: Dariush (داریوش)
  • 曲名: مسبب - زنده (Mosabeb - Zendeh)
英語 の翻訳英語

The Causer - Live

Oh God, to those who are drunk, a chalice of intuition.1
To the wise admirers, a gathering of prayer.
To those that, without wine, became drunk.
Not drinking wine, the wine drinkers came.2
In this drunken state I refined/purified myself.
I called to you, Oh God.
From what I have seen in these passing times,
What nights, Oh God, I called out "God".
I placed my prostrating head upon your soil.
To your doorway/entrance, I prayed tonight.
I am the sinner of this mortal/finite life.
You are the eternal sunrise.
I am a sign of impotence.
You are power without a sign.
You are the passion of my love given.
I am the ashamed you have made.
At the place of inhabitance in my heart,
You are drunkenness and happiness done.
Where should I go, that you are the remedy creator, Oh God
You are the necessity of everything without necessity, Oh God
The cause, if its to burn,
You are the causer.
You are the cause for the creation of this world.
Of the hand that comes to take mine,
You are my shade of security.
  • 1. A lot of the times in Persian poetry, being "drunk" is associated specifically with being impassioned with prayer/faith in God.
  • 2. Wine has cultural significance when it comes to Persian culture and mythology. It has meanings akin to intellect, philosophy, and other related topics.

مسبب - زنده (Mosabeb - Zendeh)

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