Organdi (英語 訳)



Gale proyect
Central protagonist
Of all my screens
I don't know where are you coming from
But from now on I'm going
Wherever you go inevitably
My absent heart weights down
Even if it's unconscious, even if it's fleeting
The most fleeting of your sadness
Everything shook up
There are things that
You are never prepared for
The house started to glow with love of organdie*
So delicate
My opaque heart
Inevitably gives itself away
It moves to your swing
It gets trapped in
The perfumed plot of your nets
I see you sleep and I name you
I see you and I can't come out of the amazement
What breath spells you out
So that my heart reads you
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Organdie means a fine translucent cotton muslin that is usually stiffened and is used for women's clothing



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