Os Barcos (英語 の翻訳)

英語 の翻訳英語 (詩的な)

The Boats

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You say that it's all over
You no longer want my love
We are measuring unequal forces
Anyone can see
That it's only over for you...
It's only words, text, rehearsal and scene
With each act, I enact the indifference
From what is love, your portrait is left
The piece I interpret, an insensate improvisation
This longing, I know it by heart
I know the route of the boats
And since long I've been distant, and who understands me
Receive the exact rest, and so small...
It's pain, if there is, I tried - I no longer do
And by transforming into pain what is vanity
And by feeling love, if this is only pride
I make from lie - freedom
And from any backyard, I make cities
And I insist that it's virtue, that which is rubbish
Vacant is my terrain and my splurge
I see you falling in love again
I'm left with the longing, and you with another someone
And you say that it's all over, but anyone can see
That it's over only for you...
It's over only for you...
It's over only for you...
This is a poetic translation - deviations from the meaning of the original are present (extra words, extra or omitted information, substituted concepts).
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Os Barcos

"Os Barcos"の翻訳
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