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Reste tranquille, si soudain.. (英語 の翻訳)


Reste tranquille, si soudain..

Reste tranquille, si soudain
l'Ange à ta table se décide ;
efface doucement les quelques rides
que fait la nappe sous ton pain.
Tu offriras ta rude nourriture
pour qu'il en goûte à son tour,
et qu'il soulève à sa lèvre pure
un simple verre de tous les jours.
Ingénuement, en ouvrier céleste,
il prête à tout une calme attention ;
il mange bien en imitant ton geste,
pour bien bâtir à ta maison..
  • l'Ange:

    From a letter by R.M. Rilke to W. Hulewicz of 13 November 1925: "The angel has nothing to do with the angel of Christian heaven". This angel is not some sort of guardian angel.

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Remain poised if, all of a sudden..

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Remain poised if, all of a sudden,
The Angel at your table takes it into his head.
Erase gently
the few wrinkles done
by the tablecloth under your bread.
You will offer your rough fare
For him, in his turn, to taste and sip
And for him to raise to his pure lip
Some banal everyday glassware.
Ingenuously, as a celestial worker,
He considers everything with calm attention;
He eats well, imitating your gesture,
To help you build better your mansion.
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