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Momma’s Boyの歌詞

  • アーティスト: Shiraz Lane
  • アルバム: For Crying Out Loud (2016)
  • 翻訳: ロシア語

Momma’s Boy

You love yourself yeah the whole world knows
But you better think this through
'cause the problem is you're so full of it
I know the likes of you
I got news for you
You don't wanna hear
The world don't na na need you dear
Need you dear
No no
Go home
You hate our guts well there's no love lost
Lemme point you to the door
You're not the first won't be the last
I've seen this all before
You refuse to see you don't understand
Grow some spine show your hand
Time to show your hand
Go home momma's boy!
Run to your mother
Leave me alone
Go home momma's boy!
Run to your mother
Lemme tell you something you won't understand
Lemme tell you if you can't step it up just
Go home momma's boy!
Run to your mother
Go on home
Go home
Your constant stream of bragging shows the truth behind that smile
Your cover's blown
Real motives known
Being modest not your style
Keep your distance son just stay away
No interest in those games you play
Games you play
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