Stéphane Huguenin - Stay by my side


Stay by my side

You say, I’m the only one you need
And I know, if you leave, my heart will bleed
Tell me that our love’ s just begun
And stay by my side…forever
One day, we shall belong to the past
Like a dream, our lives go by so fast
Promise me you’ll never forget me
And stay by my side
I don’t want to live my life without you
I feel free and we have nothing to hide
Tonight it’s so hard to breathe without you
Oh baby tell me you’ll stay by my side
You say, you want to drown in my eyes
With you, I’m a shining star in the sky
Tell me that our love is endless
And stay by my side
Oh baby stay by my side
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Another song from the soundtrack of the wonderful serie "Velvet". The Serie plays in the 50s / 60s in Spain. The wonderul dressmaker Anna is in Love with the son of the compnay owner, Alberto...a love that is not allowed to exist and to be. Hurt, pain, strong the end they only want to be together. Stay by my side is the perfect song to shows how strong there feelings are. Forever..



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