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棘 (Toge) (英語 の翻訳)

英語 の翻訳英語


The unending red thread
It is a trap prepared and lying in wait
The prey, it yearns only for the sweet honey
I see it ensnared
Its pupils clouding over
And yet
I don't think it could have seen me
What is this "eternity" you whisper?
A dream more boring than you could imagine
One by one the world takes turns
Drowning in fantasy
Your voice resounds deep inside the dream
I couldn't be anyone
I'm just pretending to be someone
Is that okay?
Well, if you could put it into words,
you'd understand
Blissful thorn
With my false expressions of desire1
I lure you in
As you are embraced by the night sky
Turning, revolving star
Breaking free of samsara
I painted you in my dream
The sweet-looking honey
From what bitter flower did it spill?
It can't escape into the night
The moon freezes over
Revealing the illusion, I thrust my stake into your heart
And yet
Inside yourself, you still exist
Come this way, as you are now
Soaked with tears of desire
I thrust the thorn in deep
Dripping, free from the nightmare
What will be charmed by this disguise?
Casting off the lie of
"Your true self"
Reeling in that blood-red thread
The moon weeps at night
  • 1. The word here, "願望", means "desire", however the word that is actually sung is "フェイク", which is the English word "fake". The music video shows both words, with "fake" being given as a poetic reading of "願望" for the purposes of the song.
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