U četiri oka (英語 の翻訳)


U četiri oka

Ne čitam novine ni jučer ni danas
Sve što me zanima se odnosi na nas
Ne pratim vijesti ni društvene mreže
Samo za tebe srce me veže
Ne palim radio, niti zbog prognoze
Mislim na nježnost i neću nervoze
Jedino tvoje riječi mi fale
Ja primam samo dobre signale
U čet'ri oka i četiri zida
Skrivamo, čuvamo, čuvamo ljubav za nas
U čet'ri oka, bez imalo stida
Svlačimo, skidamo, skidamo maske sa nas
ne brojim like-ove, facebook prijateljstva
Klikovi nisu od krvi i mesa
Samo za ljubav vremena imam
Samo na ljubav cijeli svijet štimam
K'o pjesmu čujem mirise tvoje
S tobom u mraku vidim sve boje
Crveni poljupci, dodir od zlata
Ugasi svjetlo, zaključaj vrata
Negdje iznutra, iz srca luda
Muziku čujem, još ima čuda
Svjetlo izvana, svjetlo iznutra
Ljubav promijeni sve...
Svlačimo, skidamo, skidamo maske sa nas
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英語 の翻訳英語

Only the two of us

Have't read the newspaper neither yesterday nor today
All I care about has to do with us
I'm not watching news, neither social networks
Ony to you my heart is tied
I don't turn on my radio, not even for the weather forecast,
I'm thinking about tenderness, I don't wanna get nervous
I just mis your words
I just receive good signals
Only the two of us and between four walls
we hide, we keep, we keep the love for ourselves
Only the two of us,
with no shame at all
we take off, we take off the masks off of us
I don't coun't the likes, friendships on Facebook
The clicks are not made out of flesh and blood
I've got time only for love
I tune up the whole world upon love
I can hear your perfumes as if they were a song
I can see all colours with you in darkness
Red kisses, golden touch
Turn off the light, lock up the door
Somewhere from within myself, from this crazy heart
I can hear the music, miracles still happen
The external light, the internal light
Love changes everything
We take off, we take off the masks off of us
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The original TEXT does not correspond to the reality.
The title also could not be translated even CLOSE to the meaning of the original, due to the same use of the words in english that have a totally different connotation.
In Croatinan / Serbian when a father wants to tell his son something of life importance, he says, "Come over here in four eyes". Same can be applied in a sentimental meeting too. Such was the title.

"U četiri oka"の翻訳
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