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  • Tim Bernardes

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Last Time

I remember the last time I saw you
Way after the end
Another phase, right in time of almost forgetting
After suffering and understanding
Almost to the point of asking myself
If what I loved was you
Or just a picture
It was shocking to see you again in front of me
And the impact of not being so different
And all those crazy symbols
That someone can be to us
And so many memories that I didn't remembered I had
Because suddenly we were already
Talking again, laughing at each other
Then she became serious again and said
Dude, don't you feel even a little bit anymore?
You know, I try to toughen up to forget
But I do miss you a lot
She laughed at me and I laughed at her
The tightness in the chest, the sincere laughter
And the shy intimacy of those who no longer know
If they still know each other
And the feeling of sitting once again
In this strange comfort
And like the lyrics of the song playing
We laughed, and laughed, and laughed
How long has it been since I got high, I said
She: See? Much better than alcohol
How rare it is for me to feel so comfortable
With someone nowadays
It's 'cause you and I, both of us already have a past
She sang and dragged me to the bedroom
Eyes to eyes, both naked
Embraced together until the end
To then resting on my chest
My fingers between her hair, skin on the sheets
The beatlemania, the indie
The Mutantes, the postal cards
The inside jokes, the intertwined legs
Tired of this never again
All the scars that you gave me
And the sad marks I left on you
If no one cried before
Now everyone does
We looked deep into each other and did it again
For some time, but without finishing it
Because it starts to hurt
To stir emotions like this
I guess I was a fool
To think that this was just the will of the flesh
To think that we had already moved on
That we were in a different place
And maybe we shouldn't mess with
What is finally healing
But I didn't even want to think
She said: I want to erase all of this
And I just wanted to go back to the place
Where we left off before getting lost along the way
I no longer knew how cold life was
Without your affection
But even sadder is knowing that we know
That together it also became cold
And if the best option in this story is bad
How can there be any meaning?
And she laughed, for the last time
And jumping on top of me
She said: We're all fucked up
But me, naked, and her on top of me
We did nothing but silence
Realizing that we have been through everything
And deep, deep down
There was nothing left for us
And maybe not even speak, not even cry
Because for us, even the farewell has lost the timing
Because we know, and maybe we always knew
That only separated we find a way out
And sometimes you choose between love
And joy in life
I remember the last time I saw you
Way after the end
Another phase

Última Vez

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