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И я любил весёлый грохот
Дымящих, как вулкан, пиров
И смех, переходящий в хохот,
Землетрясенье животов.
Небезуспешные потуги
Юнца, задиры и враля,
Попасть в объятия подруги,
Отталкиваясь от Кремля.
Порой насмешливая лира
За горечь молодых утрат
Дотягивалась до кумира,
Но и кумир давал под зад.
Не голос праведный с амвона
И не молящиеся лбы,
Свалили башню Вавилона
Захохотавшие рабы.
Что делают вавилоняне?
Обломки башни продают
Или, как добрые славяне,
Усевшись на обломки, пьют.
И рассуждают об эпохе,
О славе башни говорят
- А было всё-таки неплохо,
Когда кумир давал под зад.
Да и куда глаза корячить,
Когда грядущее темно.
И глупо дураков дурачить,
Смеяться стало несмешно.
Веселью с грохотом и стуком
- Заткнись, - кричу, - не до забав!
Блаженство - с выключенным звуком,
Башкой к столешнице припав.
И если веры остаётся
Последний, маленький оплот -
Не в тех, кто всё ещё смеётся,
Скорее в тех, кто молча пьёт
И думает: не глас с амвона
И не молящиеся лбы,
Свалили башню Вавилона
Захохотавшие рабы.
Восстаньте, города и пашни,
Чтобы избыть вселенский грех:
И глупость вавилонской башни,
И этот вавилонский смех!
투고자: wisigothwisigoth, 月, 09/12/2019 - 18:12
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Yes, I enjoyed merry chatter,
Volcanic feasts, lucullan days,
Jokes opening homeric laughter,
Those "earthquakes" of well-fed entrails.
My youthful claims passed not unheeded:
To savour all that love portends;
Young prickly cheat and trouble seeker,
Used Moscow address to my ends.
Those lazily sarcastic verses
At our "holy idol" would peck,
As payback for the sucklings' losses,-
Establishment was kicking back.
And it was not by "Pater Noster",
Nor guru from a holy place,
Who shattered hated Babel's rostrum,-
Reduced to nix, still laughing, slaves!
Good Babylonian for profit
Sells ruins, cashes out on bricks!
Makes merry, after byers "cough it"1,
A true Slav, among rocks scattered, drinks!
Sweet pain, old times' nostalgic tender,
Selective memory keeps track:
"Those days of glory we remember,
When "DAD2" was kicking our back!"
-the one who spends can't be a lender.
It was THE place for guys like Bender.-
Loud frolicking is out of picture,
Its noise, its jestering - defunct,
Your bliss, O passive silent creature:
To kiss a table while being drunk.
And if it is the creed you're seeking,
(Perchance, some dwarfish tangy bits),
Not he who is with laughter reeking;
Faith hath the one who calmly drinks!
..drinks, reckoning: not "Pater Noster",
Nor Guru from a Holy place,
THEY shattered hated Babel's rostrum, -
Reduced to nix, BUT laughing, SLAVES!
Arise, my Town, get up, O Village,
Each stone be turned, each sin redeem'd!
Away with mad Babilonian visage,
Remove your laughing Babel's creed!
  • 1. the byers meaning those who agree to buy the ruins and bricks, and will pay, "cough up" the money
  • 2. or, "Uncle Joseph Stalin", in the West
투고자: wisigothwisigoth, 水, 11/12/2019 - 02:51
최종 수정: wisigothwisigoth, 金, 13/12/2019 - 00:37
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Idioms from "Вавилон"
Phil AmbroPhil Ambro    木, 12/12/2019 - 23:25

Shouldn't the title be "Babylon"?

Volcanic feasts, Lucullan days, (Lucullan is a name - needs to be capitalized)
Jokes opening Homeric laughter, (Homer is a name - needs to be capitalized)

Who shattered hated (Babylon's) rostrum,-

Makes merry, after byers "cough it", (buyers?)
Like Slav, among rocks scattered, drinks! (Like A Slav)

"Those glory moments we remember, (Those glorious moments... {or} Those moments of glory...)
With "system" kicking our back!" (With THE system...)

-the one who borrows can't be lender. (The one who borrows can't be A lender.)

It was right place for guys like Bender.- (It was THE right place...)

Get kicks as passive silent creature, (Gets kicked as A passive... {or} Gets his kicks as A passive... depends on the meaning.
Gets kicked = someone kicked him. Gets his kicks = enjoys being

Who leans on table with face-d(r)unk. (Who leans on a table with the face of a drunk.)

And if, O Babel, creed you're seeking, (And, if Oh Babylon, it's a creed...)
(Perchance, leftover tangy bits), (???)
Not he who is with laughter reeking; (Not he who is OF laughter reeking)

THEY shattered hated Babel's rostrum, - (Babylon's)

Away with stupid Babel's visage, (Babylon's)
Away with Babel's laughing creed! (Babylon's)