Люби меня (Liubi menia) (영어 번역)

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Love me

It's spring again, it's spring again,
It's time of sleepless nights again,
It's spring again, it's love again,
The blood runs in our veins again,
It's dawn again, it's dawn again,
And there's no turning back,
The heartache will follow, the heartache will follow,
And all shall pass, but we won't forget,
I know the answer, I know the answer
To the question: "Are you with me or not?"
I know the lies, I know the lies,
I know the ocean of our love,
You're not the only one, you're not the only one
Who'll stay awake this night,
It's love again, it's spring again,
Love me, (please) love (me)!
All night and day
Burning my heart in fire.
Love me, (please) love (me)!
Don't fly away, don't disappear.
I am begging of you.
Love me, (please) love (me)! (4 times)
It's sunny again, it's sunny again!
And everything comes back to life again!
It's sunny again, it's joy again,
It's the music and it's playing for us,
I take a step and another one,
I am head over heels in love,
I know now, now I know,
How to open this secret door,
Time runs, time runs,
No one will return it to us,
Time flies, time flies,
It's dancing on its way as it moves with us,
One more question, one more answer,
The invisible light will shine again,
Our love is here and we are ready to play,
[Chorus] (2 times)
Love me, (please) love (me)! (5 times)
투고자: N. M. Sh.N. M. Sh., 水, 04/09/2019 - 10:51
최종 수정: N. M. Sh.N. M. Sh., 木, 03/10/2019 - 07:01
작성자 코멘트:

Скоро много нам воды натекло!
= (close to literal)
It's meltwater everywhere again!
= (or)
All the ice/snow turns/melts to water again!

This phrase could also have an (un)intended reference to the idiom "много/немало воды утекло" = "a lot of/too much time has passed" = "water under the bridge".

Скоро печаль, скоро печаль,
Всё уйдёт и нам немного жаль,
= (close to literal)
And sadness will follow, and sadness will follow,
And all shall pass, and [we'll feel bad]/[we'll have regrets],

"нам немного жаль" here could mean anything from "we won't forget" to "we'll miss what we (once) had" to "we'll feel bad" to "we'll have regrets".
I chose "we won't forget" because it is the more cheerful of the options (in line with the mood of the song); for the same reason I chose "heartache" over "sadness" in the first line.

Translation: N.M.Sh., September 2019, Ufa.
Перевод: НМШ, Сентябрь 2019, Уфа.

Люби меня (Liubi menia)

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