Слово Сталина / Родина и Сталин (Slovo Stalina / Rodina i Stalin) (영어 번역)


Слово Сталина / Родина и Сталин (Slovo Stalina / Rodina i Stalin)

Он в нашу жизнь входил негромким словом
Торжественно, уверенно и просто...
И от Кремля над общим нашим домом
Для всех светили сталинские звезды!
Ах, как мы ждали дорогого слова!
C какой надеждой мы ему внимали
И в сторону Москвы смотрели снова,
И знали твердо: Сталин не обманет!
Какую принял он Россию нашу?
Безграмотную, нищую, босую.
С НИМ наш народ для недругов был страшен,
С НИМ одолел врага в войну лихую!
Мы шли за ним сквозь муки и потери,
В минуты самых тяжких испытаний
Всем сердцем, всей душой в одно лишь веря:
Как скажет он, все точно так и станет!
Неправда! Мы пред ним не пресмыкались!
Взращенные Советским государством
Перед Родным Отцом мы преклонялись,
Перед высоким сталинским ГРАЖДАНСТВОМ!
Он строил крепость, а не рынок дикий,
Он не терпел измены и порока.
И были мы воистину велики,
Когда шагали СТАЛИНСКОЙ дорогой!
ОН — наш генералиссимус по праву,
Добытое умножив и расширив,
Оставил нам такую сверхдержаву,
Сильней которой не бывало в мире!
Вот так все было... Слушай поколенье,
Отравленное ложью и развратом:
Когда-нибудь к тебе придет прозренье,
И ты грозою явишься к богатым!
И снова, опрокинув все препоны
Порывом дерзким, пламенной отвагой,
Исполнишь справедливости законы
Под красным, под исконно русским флагом!
Хвала героям, в правде убежденным,
Идущим в бой за будущих потомков!
Позор холопам! Горе побежденным!
Возмездие — награда для подонков!
...Вперед, через проклятья и сомненья!
Через предел немыслимых страданий!
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The word of Stalin / Motherland and Stalin

He came into our lives with quiet words
solemnly, confidently, with simplicity...
And from the Kremlin, Stalin's stars
went shining above our common home!
How eagerly we awaited his cherished words!
How full of hope we intently listened
and cast a new look toward Moscow,
knowing for sure Stalin would not deceive us!
How was our Russia when he took charge?
Illiterate, destitute, barefooted.
With HIM our people became feared by our enemies
With HIM we vanquished the foe in a bold fight!
We followed him through torments and loss,
in the most difficult moments of trial,
with all our hearts and souls united in one faith:
everything he says will become reality, without fail!
It's a lie! We did not grovel at his feet!
Cared for by the Soviet state,
we bowed before our Dear Father,
before the great stalinist CITIZENSHIP!
He built a fortress, and not a wild market.
He would not tolerate deceit nor wickedness.
We all achieved true greatness
when we walked the path OF STALIN!
HE is our supreme commander by right.
By increasing and extending our achievements,
he left us such a superpower,
surpassed by none other!
This is how it was... Listen, new generation
poisoned by lies and depravity:
one day you'll come to realize,
and turn into a menace to the rich!
And once again, sweeping all obstacles,
in an audacious rush, with fierce courage,
you will enforce the laws of justice
under the only true Russian flag, the red one!
Praised be the righteous heroes
joining the fight for the sake of future generations!
Shamed be the lackeys! Woe betide the vanquished!
Retribution is the reward of scumbags!
Forward, through curses and doubts!,
through the limits on an inconceivable suffering!
Do whatever you want with my translations.
They no more belong to me than the air I breathe.
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Apparently this preposterous deification and warmongering is not meant as a joke. This is an insult to the memory of millions, and the intelligence of the audience.
Shame on you, M. Kharchikov.

cpenguincpenguin    火, 22/10/2019 - 22:08

«добытое», about which you are unsure, comes from the word «добыть» — "to obtain". So «добытое» means "what we obtained" or "the things that we obtained". In the context, the line «Добытое умножив и расширив», it probably refers to what they gained in the October Revolution. So, I'd translate that line as "By increasing and extending our achievements" or something. I also don't know any other meanings for «проклятья». The other parts of the translation appear to be good to me, better than I could have translated it, probably because you know more English words. I have to disagree about the comment, I don't consider this song an insult or warmongering (I'm pretty sure Kharchikov is referring to WW2, which the Soviets didn't start, and the revolution), but arguing will probably not bring anything useful, so I guess we'll just stay at disagreeing.

silencedsilenced    火, 22/10/2019 - 23:44

I agree to disagree Regular smile
Thanks for the detailed proofreading and helpful comments.