Утренняя Заря (Flaming June | Leighton) (영어 번역)

Утренняя Заря (Flaming June | Leighton)

На острове Буяне, в райском океане,
Солнцу вновь открыв врата дворца,
Утомлённая, дремлет Утренняя Заря.
Окутана пламенем волос и шелка,
Придавших щекам румянец, грёз полна,
Само изящество собою воплощая, спит она.
Красота во всем божественна,
Хотя навечно нам богами не дана,
Олеандра веточка сон сну связь дала.
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I'm very upset that video was removed at YouTube - gross incompetence to reject above image!
Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MtcKLyPDJ86J3FvzkH31KZpq7HfbrAzH/view

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Morning Dawn

On the island of Buyan, in the paradise ocean
To Sun once more unlocking gates of palace
Exhausted, Morning Dawn is dozing
Wrapped in the flames of hair and silk
Lending blush to cheeks, and full of dreams
Epitome of gracefulness, she sleeps
The beauty is divine in all
Although not forever by the gods is granted
An oleander branch from dream to dream a tender tie has landed
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Any suggestions and constructive comments are very welcome!!! I tried not to butcher the wonderful original poem :-)

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