Uso (うそ) (영어 번역)


Uso (うそ)

へー、 そうなんだ。 
人事のように 世界を見渡す
僕がこうなった 理由は なんだ?
他人に擦り付ける 自分の埃
どこに向かう また音に乗る
下見て自分と見比べて 安心してたって  ねぇ、  
残るのは物悲しさ  満足 優越の 後 虚無感 孤独 喪失 
綺麗なところだけ 見つめて 夢みていたい
思い出に縋って 縋って
正直辛いです どうしようもないこの感情には
無駄 という言葉が相応しいでしょう
"ええ わかってるんです そこがまたここを抉るんです"
蠢く もやもやとした何か が 心を覆って
擽る 香り 他人を見て 
クスクス笑う ぐるぐる回る
もしもし 神様 聞こえてますか 
エンター 押してはデリート 連打 
媚びててもいいの ずるい人間に付随して 
神経も苦痛に慣れて 死んでしまった心は
自分の なのに 誰がために 何のために
大人も  また嘘をついた
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Look at the pure eyes of the children
"Everyone was like that once"
What, is that so?
Like an HR department, I overlook the world
I was inside a birdcage
The words I spewed were exclusively egotistical controversial statements
I became like this. What's the reason?
Rubbing against other people, the dust of myself
Where I turn, again I ride on sound
To distract from the loneliness
Look below and comparing me to it, you said you were relieved
What's left is melancholy, satisfaction, after supremacy, empty feelings, loneliness, loss
Now I want to avert my eyes from reality
I want to stare at only beautiful places, and dream
Can you see through the lies of adults?
I told a lie again
Clinging, clinging onto memories
Honesty is harsh, the feeling of having no other choice
Futility, that word is adequate I think
"Yes, I understand, that also again brings this to light"
Something squirming and murky is covering my heart
I become unable to see the truth
An appealing smell, looking at other people
Giggling and laughing, turning round and round
Hello? God? Can you hear me?
Pressing Enter leads to a barrage of Deletes
Attached to sly people that enjoy flattery
Used to the nerves and pain, this deceased heart
Is mine but, for whom? For what?
Can you see through the lies of adults?
The adults too, told lies again
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