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No matter how frightening the dream,
there upon your eyelids
a beautiful light is always dancing
I know, I know that
I've always been watching from here
My back shivers in the pure white snow,
that is... that is a warm light,
It's alright, I can see it, softly
it'll always give me its warmth, won't it?
Even though you were scared, you wanted to go on ahead
Continuing to walk stubbornly as it became night,
offering silly words,
the time like love lived on
That time, only the two of us could hear it,
this town's fanfare
that blurred, small noise
Before the music began you breathed deeply,
what were you afraid of?
whenever you told me of the two in this town,
I'd always listen intently.
Since when I wonder,
have I been unable to believe in myself?
Since when I wonder, have these thoughts
about you reached the point of love
Since when was it?
The unexpected things that I can't remember
Feeling sadness while feeling love,
the entangled threads of thought recklessly
pull tightly, losing sight of a solution,
this kind of time is a ceremony
The wind blows as though with nostalgia, you raise your face,
Ceremony, hey, that time, what were you looking at?
As though it would suddenly dissappear I grabbed your arm
A secret garden,
hanging a large anemone from the neck,
If even one petal falls tears come to the eyes,
The colours of this town are unmelting,
it can be heard from the horn,
The size of the sadness appears,
With curiosity our hands entwine somehow,
A tomboy dashing out of the house,
Towards her last lover, dedication burning like seizing the sunset,
You are me, I am you.
The still unmelting courage put in the pocket,
the password a talisman of loved memories,
Pushing through on a journey now, to a place with colours and smells like within a dream, its a mystery.
but I have all the tools to draw a map,
ceremony, what of those moments do you hold in your heart?
ceremony, like a streaming star it slips through the palm of your hand
ceremony, when i return I will surely hold you close,
ceremony, and i'll have my words of thanks prepared
It's warm by your side,
remember our promise-rings okay?
Your breath will make the flowers boom,
until the promised day, ceremony.
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Ceremony (セレモニー)

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