Une belle histoire (영어 번역)

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une belle histoire

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it's abeautiful novel ,it's a beautul story
it's a romance of today
he went back home up there towards the fog
she went down in the noon the noon
they have met in the edge of a road
in they way of th holidays
it was,no dout, a day of luck
they had the sky within their hands
a gift of providence
so,why thinking of tomorrow
they were hiden in a big field of corn
they've met,their lives that began
they were only children,children
Sur l'autoroute des vacances
Qui cueillirent le ciel au creux de leurs mains
Comme on cueille la providence
Refusant de penser au lendemain
C'est une romance d'aujourd'hui
Elle descendait dans le midi, le midi
Sur l'autoroute des vacances
Ils reprirent alors chacun leur chemin
Saluerent la providence en se faisant un signe de la main
Elle est descendue la-bas dans le midi
C'est un beau roman, c'est une belle histoire
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Une belle histoire