across the board

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Meanings of "across the board"


including everyone or everything

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Συμπεριλαμβάνονταιι όλοι

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Što se odnosi na svakog. Svi bez razlike. Svi odreda.

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"across the board" in lyrics

Loituma - Ieva's polka

And Ieva started grying.
I told Ieva what's the matter
We will fall across the board again.

RuPaul - Call Me Mother

I'm divine, so heavenly
Gentlemen sweatin'
It's dimes across the board with no doubt
Body like WOW!

RuPaul - Category Is (feat. The Cast of Rupaul's Drag Race, Season 9)

Category is: bring it to the runway
Category is: stars, statement, and legends
Tens, tens, tens across the board
DJ, start the music

whitewoods - Beach Walk

She pushed her feet across the board walk,
She keeps the sunset right with movement in her eyes,
She knows she gets away with murder.
Swallows up your heart of gold,

Benji - Ganja Smoker

Whether young skater or S-class cruiser
Whether Cup Winner or hopeless Looserr,
humans smoke weed across the board,
we are not all criminal,

Wiz Khalifa - Alright

Smell the KK when I board
Private jet, when I'm bored
Give respect across the board
Get a check, when I go

Jason Mraz - Please Don't Tell Her

I hear she's kicking ass across the board
And rock two hundred thousand higher scorer
Just in time to save the world of being taken over
She's a warrior

Kendrick Lamar - Wesley's Theory

Tossed and turned, lesson learned
You was my first girlfriend
Bridges burned, all across the board
Destroyed, but what for?

Benji - Ganja Smoker

Whether skating youth or S-Class cruiser,
trophy winner or hopeless loser,
mankind smokes weed all across the board,
we're not all criminals, let alone ill.

Jennifer Lopez - Tens

You're perfect, you're living, you're so beautiful
Tens across the board
Half of us came off a flight, we came together for this one night

Monét X Change - Soak It Up

Clean the kids, hehehehehe!
Give me my tens for my sponges!
Tens across the board, you bring it every ball
From Asia to Malaysia, Manila to Milan

Gordon Lightfoot - Too Late for Prayin'

Nothin' left but promises
Nothin' much is certain
All we see is want and need across the board,
Why thank you, Lord

Achampnator - 100 Stories

Where are you I await you
that we do secretly
That are 100 Stories
from the Stone Age to the Royal Stories

Timbaland - Come & Get Me

When My Bandwagon Pull Up They Hop On Board
They Hop Right On Mine and Hop Right Off Yours
I Get Respect Homie All Across The Board
I Get A Quarter Mill A Track Without An Award

Lloyd Banks - Pain

Every night [shot] before I rest my head, I thank to Lord
For 'scaping this situations I can't afford. (uh-huh!)
Gun and sword, drama poppin' all across the board (YEAH!)
Mother-fuck yo' magazine and yo' Source Awards! [explode]

Fall Out Boy - Thriller

Welcome. It's here.

Last summer we took threes across the board
But by fall we were a cover story "now in stores"

Savatage - Commissar

The pawn is now a queen
He's moved across the board unseen
The move is down