Adama (آدما) (영어 번역)

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People get fed up from each other
People get upset from each other
People put their steps on their love
People leave people alone
You do not want me anymore and I know it well
I can read this from the book written in your heart
Do you emember that infamous love?
Remember all those madness and insanities?
You use to say that this sin is sacred
The starting and the ending point of each love is passion and whim
Oh the people of the world
What will remain of you to be remembered by?
I am tired of these quarrels and disputes
I am tired of that insincere two-faced heart
You do not want to stay in this house
Your eyes are following her eyes
All of your words are just excuses
That hell that they talk about is this house
투고자: ramtin, 日, 22/04/2018 - 01:22

Adama (آدما)

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