Ах, родная моя... (Akh, rodnaya moya...) (영어 번역)

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Oh, my darling

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Oh, my darling, where to find such words
To make you understand,
To make you understand how I love you?
It’s impossible to forget how we have met,
And that karma will return, yet again, one can’t expect.
To those emerald eyes, a famous singer has sung,
And to melody’s rhythm, hearts by hundreds sprung.
Invited to dance, I didn’t know what to say,
My feelings I can’t describe to this day.
Intoxicated with happiness, with you I danced,
And in emerald eyes, it's my fate I have glanced.
Oh, my darling, where to find such words
To make you understand just how I love you?
How I love you.
I am grateful that fate brought us together.
Hence, this song is for you, and I’ll sing it forever.
I dedicate to you this song of mine,
My entire soul is vested in each line,
All words of love I gathered best I could,
And for you, the melody I wrote made good.
Notes, like flowers, I chose for my bouquet.
Can you imagine I was dreaming when at times I haven’t slept.
You are my muse, the inspiration for my songs.
You kept me safe from grief and kept away wrongs.
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Ах, родная моя... (Akh, rodnaya moya...)

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