Angie Gold - Eat you up


Eat you up

You told me once that you loved me
You said that I was the only one
It took sometime and now I know
The joy would prevail the earth
(Son of a bitch now)
Messing with me wasn't wise, boy
Cos I've been around for too long
And now you're gonna pay for those lies, boy
I'm gonna put you back down
(Where you belong, boy)
I'm gonna eat you up, spit you out
And run you right into the ground
I'm gonna wind you up, turn you on
And burn all your bridges right down
I'm gonna eat you up, spit you out
Here you should never come around
I'm gonna wind you up, turn you on
And run you right out of this town
You're such a fool to believe in
That I let you two-time on me
And I know all about your deceiving
I'm paying back this to you
(Just wait and see now)
You thought you took me for a ride, boy
I was only a part of your game
But you're nothing more than a wise boy
You'll never do it again
(You messed up big)
Now I'm not a girl to hurt easy
Cos I was brought up to be tough
And what you've done to me doesn't please me
You better watch out because...
(She can play rough, boy)
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