Alessandro Safina - Aria e memoria (영어 번역)

영어 번역

Air and memory

It is alive, the memory
Of that first moment
Magical meeting
On a windy day
And the words that had escaped me
As by miracle I found them for you
I called you passion
Enchantment and harmony
Ancient words
Modern words
Appearing from who knows where
I told you that you are a dream
That I will always dream
You are air and memory
And I will always love you
Air and memory
It is history of a story
I breathe and feel
That you live inside me
And now the infinite exists and I know what it is
It is knowing to love like I love you
I will call you passion
Enchantment and harmony
Multitude of words
That like a river
Will rush into the heart
I will talk about love
Until you fall asleep
You will be air and memory
Do not ever leave me
I made this!
You can go ahead and copypaste it to your heart's content, but only if that makes you feel special.
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Aria e memoria