Babalú (영어 번역)

  • 아티스트: Yma Sumac (Zoila Augusta Emperatriz Chávarri del Castillo)
  • 곡: Babalú
  • 번역: 영어
영어 번역영어


Babalú aye
Babalú aye
The wake is about to begin
That we hold for Babalú
Give me seventeen candles
To place them in a cross
Give me a tobacco end mañiengue
And a jug of aguardiente
Give me some money mañiengue
So that I can have good luck
I want to ask him
For my negra to love me
That she has money
And that she doesn't die
Oh! I want to ask Babalú
For a very upright negrito
Like you
One that doesn't have another negra
And that he doesn't die
Babalú aye!
투고자: MieshtaMieshta, 土, 18/01/2020 - 00:35
작성자 코멘트:

Babalú aye is an orixa, a deity for the afro-cuban yoruba people

I am not too sure what mañiengue means, I am guessing it is a yoruba term (perhaps meaning friend?)

Aguardiente is a south american hard liquor made of sugarcane

And finally, all terms like negra and negro, negrito, etc DO NOT carry the racial connotations associated with their american-English equivalents. They are terms of endearment



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