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Bakit ako mahihiya (영어 번역)

  • 아티스트: Didith Reyes (Maria Helen Bella Avenila Santamaria)
  • 곡: Bakit ako mahihiya
영어 번역영어

Why would I be ashamed?

Why would I be ashamed?
If my heart loves?
Should I be ashamed?
If I would love, you, my love?
Why would I be ashamed?
If I would be happy in your arms
Only your love
Makes my life happy
Because I love you.
When I loved you
I didn't think
Of my future,
When I loved you,
I felt endless love,
Even if they'd say
That I am crazy
Because of you my love
And I would accept it with arms wide open (1)
Because I love you
(Stanza 2)
투고자: Matthew RelucioMatthew Relucio, 土, 29/01/2022 - 07:02
작성자 코멘트:

(1) Literally 'loose in the chest'.

Translated by Matthew Relucio. Ask for permission before using, Salamat.


Bakit ako mahihiya

Didith Reyes: 상위 3
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