Baseline Raver (말레이어 번역)


Baseline Raver

People ask me when I'll go to bed,
Not ever gonna stop,
Not ever 'till I'm dead,
I'm not hungry for the bread,
I'm just hungry for the knowledge,
Cos knowledge is wisdom,
So are you gonna listen (look)
I'm not gonna be a slave to the system,
I'm just gonna take a rave on a system,
Maybe its time that we save our system,
Maybe it's time that we do something different ( n me I'm just a baseline raver)
Don't need weed, speed, heroin,
Don't need E, coke, Ketamine,
Never mind if that sounded like dizzies,
It doesn't matter, pass the fizzy
Did I say fizzy (oops) I meant water,
That's what you should be drinking you ought to (and me I'm just a baseline raver)
Don't wear Nike, that promotes slave labor - (me I'm just a baseline raver)
An' I'm cheesy - packet of quavers
Never mind "you should have gone Specsavers",
Never mind that - I like to dance on tables,
And me I'm just a baseline raver
Yeah I'm just a baseline raver
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말레이어 번역말레이어
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Penggila Garis Dasar

Orang tanyaku bilakah aku tidur,
Tak akan berhenti,
Tak akan sampai kumati,
Aku tak lapar roti,
Aku dahagakan ilmu,
Sebab ilmu itu hikmah,
Akankah kau dengar? (Lihat)
Aku bukan hamba sistem,
Aku hanya maki sistem,
Tiba masa kita selamatkan sistem,
Tiba masa kita buat benda lain (dan aku hanya Baseline Raver)
Tak perlu ganja, laju-laju, heroin,
Tak perlu E, coke, Ketamin,
Tak apa kalau bunyinya pening-pening,
Tak kisahlah, bagi fizzy itu,
Aku kata fizzy ke (oops) Maksudku air,
Itulah yang patut kau minum (dan aku hanya Baseline Raver)
Jangan pakai Nike, ia galakkan perhambaan - (dan aku hanya Baseline Raver)
Aku rasa tak baik - rasa gementar
Tak kisah "kau patut jadi Specsavers"
Tak kisahlah - aku suka menari atas meja,
Dan aku, aku hanya Baseline Raver
Ya, aku hanya Baseline Raver
투고자: LangitXBenuaLangitXBenua, 火, 27/08/2019 - 09:17
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Beautiful! Thank you @LangitXBeuna