Serge Gainsbourg - Baudelaire (영어 번역)

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How I love to see my languorous love
On your beautiful body
Like a shimering fabric
Your skin glistening
On your hair heavy
With bitter scents
A Sea fragrant and wild
With blue and brown waves
Like a ship that awakes
With the morning wind
My dreaming spirit emerges
For a far off sky
Your eyes revealing nothing
Gentle or bitter
Are two cold jewels blending
Gold and iron
Seeing you walking in rhythm
With complete abandon
Puts me in mind of a snake dancing
At the end of a stick
Under the weight of your laziness
Your childlike head
Swings limply like that of
A young elephant
And your body bends and stretches
Like a fine vessel
Rolling from side to side and plunging
Its yards in the water 1
Like a stream swelled by the melting
Of rumbling glaciers
When you mouth is watering
Right up to your teeth
I feel I am drinking a bohemian wine
Bitter and triumphant
A liquid sky that scatters
My heart with stars
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Lyrics taken from Charles Baudelaire's poem "Le serpent qui danse"- The dancing snake



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