behind bars

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behind bars (영어) — in jail

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behind bars — trellide taha

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behind bars — Πίσω απ'τα σίδερα, στη φυλακή.

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Translations of "behind bars"

프랑스어derrière les barreaux
프랑스어en taule

"behind bars" in lyrics

Weathered and drawn from life
Embittered and surrounded by stimuli
Like being behind bars, always the same
Every one of my steps has made problems
At night, sunken into a disgusting way

Sido - One of these stones

I can't even sleep at night
Can't get it out my mind
I need to get outta sight
'Fore I end up behind bars

What started out as a simple altercation

Rihanna - Man Down

So I smoke my spliff, I spliff it hard
Candy says to stop, my voice is getting too harsh
So I sobered up, and my thoughts they rush
And now I think of you behind bars
Cross state lines, they spliffin' good
In Miami you catch a charge

Kat Dahlia - Gangsta

I muse at the airplanes through the window
Behind bars, me, who wants to escape
I never felt like submitting myself
to these beings with their worn-out ideas

Zaho - Kif n dir

(here) you'll see no laughing because nobody is delighted
And this climate forces you to dream about your homeland/home
everything here makes you se depressive, but nobody sees it
Again christmas behind bars, how the time goes by
And yeas, you grieve, your parents are disappointed
Because you regret none of your fraudulent doings

Bushido - Ching Ching

Death gotta be easy, 'cause life is hard
It'll leave you physically, mentally, and emotionally scarred
This if for my niggas on the block, twisting trees and cigars
For the niggas on lock, doing life behind bars
I don't see, only God can judge me 'cause I see things clear
Quick these crackers will give my black ass a hundred years

50 Cent - Many Men (Wish Death)

Though some may reach for the stars
Others will end behind bars
What the future has in store no one ever knows before
Yet we would all like the right to find the key to success

Nina Simone - Tomorrow Is My Turn

Where there is suffering there is always at the back a gain
and if there is no God, well, they should invent one.

Although we are not really behind bars,
this world is a prison with a slightly larger cell
and to take clichés and nestle them in lyrics

Fedez - It's written slavery but read freedom

The scratches that were nightmares
Leaving my knees in the asphalt
The nun that used to pull my ears
Or the friend that I saw behind bars
Everything was left there

Ricardo Arjona - My Country

My friend[fn]lit.: you[/fn], don't let yourself become embittered
in these bitter times.
The rulers will shiver
- once you are behind bars -
but not because of your suffering.

Wolf Biermann - Encouragement

Fuck your rhyme pattern, hooker, I'm a Gangsta
I fuck RTL, the son of a bitch transmitter
When will the Kay pedophile finally be behind bars?
American Idol paradise wa, you child fucker?
I wish everyone in the BZ - and American Idol's AIDS come out positive

Bushido - Middle of the Night

All seek her within my hugs

they turned the furniture up side down and gathered around her picture
make a demonstration like population behind bars
we want her today to be our candle our beloved
And clamored around her image

Kazem Al-Saher - Oh City of Love

Because we come from the hood, that's true, we grew up, no
Watching France's soccer games with shiners
Why are we in the ghettos, and they are great schools?
Us behind bars, them in the Senate?
They stick up for themselves, ignore our problems
But a question is remaining unanswered, what've we done for ourselves?

- Hoodlums

I opened the arms to can hug him
I saw so cute playing in my lap
I felt that the crying stared me to betray
Behind bars he look at me with affection
He wasn’t a child anymore he was a full criminal

Los Tigres del Norte - My Prisoner Blood

My cause is final
I take my cartridges out

Put me behind bars
To let me dream of her skin some more

Garou - Criminal

Tie a stone to your leg and go in until you’re not visible anymore
They search for my heart without success but I stay fair, still
Now he gets what he deserves, but secretly I take more
I should be behind bars, they say I’m not worth the sh*t
But I’m sorry, the no. 1 is back, I am back home
I valuate it, I was fed up with my life, but

Sido - Aggrokalypse

I hit the city like Rutkowski in action
As if I wanted to put someone behind bars
The car in front of me has some lovely ladies
But I can see, that we won't get along

Verba - I love you forever

I wanted to make you happy but at the end of the day I put you into trouble
I don't think I'll make it through this, you'll be all alone, you'll have to be strong
Anyways I won't be able to take prison
To be locked up behind bars; I'll go mad and freak out
I say it again - I wanted to see you smile, hear you laugh
I didn't want to see you slave away any longer, I could've done anything to please you

- I wanted

Stockholm 02, May and twilight sets in
I'm hoping for an unplayed card
I'm trusting an untold word
My desire's free, but my freedom's behind bars
Go with me
To another country

Lars Winnerbäck - Falling

But these niggas from the hood so these dreams not far,
Where im from, the dope boys is the rock stars,
But they can't cop cars without seein' cop cars,
I guess they want us all behind bars.
I know it.

Kanye West - Heard 'Em Say

Lord let me find him
That I may see him
Safe behind bars
I will never rest
Till then

Les Misérables (OST) - Stars

And a psychology f*** up by my father
A commandor of smoke. Those who stand by my side,
Faces are my armor. Walking up and down in the streets of Bayrampasha.
Half of my childhood I was behind bars.
The more I think about the more I feel like falling from a gap.
And my mark, dark circles under my eyes.

Elleran Elvis - The lifestory of a schizophrenic

It's for Celine, Celine, Celine, they're digging that grave.
Police siren in the square,
The blue glass flashes, Joe gets busted by the cops,
And ever since from behind bars,
Joe and Ray see the world without Celine.

Kult - Celine

We were young,
We were in our teens.
It wasn't real love,
Spent behind bars.
Oh it's sad to think,
We just let it be.

You Me at Six - Crash

If you'd loved me, you wouldn't already have another
I'm stuck under your spell, but I want out of it
'Cause love is a fortress without an exit
And if I kill you I'll be behind bars
But if I don't, you fuck up my life
I miss you baby, come back to me

Farid Bang - No Tears

After a year or two, all your friends will leave
Okay, maybe one of them will remain faithful to you
This very one who'll tell you that your girlfriend is unfaithful
You'll blow a fuse, stuck behind bars
Go out after ten years, worn out, sick of it all
With a long list of things to settle up

Kery James - The deadlock

I've been in there for some short periods and it has been cruel
And in spite I don't stop dreaming
I've got to go away I can't stand this narrow rooms
My friends in prison, they write letters behind bars
Some will get out soon and they are looking forward to it
Who trusts the devil has his soul absolved

Fler - At One Minute Intervals

Death gotta be easy, 'cause life is hard
It'll leave you physically, mentally, and emotionally scarred
This if for my niggas on the block, twisting trees and cigars
For the niggas on lock, doing life behind bars
I don't see only god can judge me, 'cause I see things clear
Quick these crackers will give my black ass a hundred years

50 Cent - Many Man

Nor someone's interference...

When sometimes I hide myself
from everyone behind bars,
Somehow I want so much
To feel your eternity...

Okean Elzy - When no single soul is around

To the gates of Eden, I have climbed
To finally see this world of paradise
I said - I want to speak with an Angel -
To a gray-haired guardian behind bars

Heaven's guardian inquired for the reason

Piotr Rubik - Guardian of Paradise

You are a slave, that keeps his heart in a dungeon,
Shackeled in old lies
hiding keys behind bars
Dare, let me tear the ropes,
to heal hatever hurts you

Saša Lendero - Lyonesse

All the streets; all this shit is just
Distraction and venom
But if jail protects us,
Then let’s first spend a lifetime behind bars
Until the sorrow does us in (does us in)
Look, my heart’s acting up

Massiv - Close Your Eyes and Forget

You sit at home alone with paranoia in your head
Your mother just cries because your father beats her
Your friends are behind bars
You’re going to trial ³
And you realize how lost you are

Bushido - I Want the Song to Laugh

Even though I refuse your salary, sooner or later temptations deceive me
Alarming dispair, but I can't let things get me down
How many of us did the judges punish because of drugs traffic?
How many orders will you send me when I'm behind bars?
How many letters will you write me when I'm in Paris's prison?
My people often gives in to selling you crack

- Honky

Actually , we talk about everything & anything
As soon as we smoke this weed
Affairs that could make us rich
Sent behind bars
All those who fail
& There all those who know these tales by heart

Fonky Family - Girls , cops , raids

crack, cocaine
in South Central Los Angeles
they were giving them what they were confiscating
And they ended up behind bars
with a lot of complaints
against the CIA

Darkroom Familia - Corruption


They can forbid us to sing
to lock us behind bars (to lock us)
but one they can not
to kill a folk song

Siniša Vuco - Volim narodno

and declared the old indian as the new Minister of Justice
the new minister upon arriving in the new city
analyzed the new tribe as being too violent
He saw that every pale face lived behind bars
and called the tv and newspapers and said:
"Indian came with good news

Gabriel o Pensador - Peace Pipe

No one single letter from her arrived
to my galley, so sincere.

She thought that behind bars I would die and she was wrong
Free I am.

Chamaco Ramirez - That's the way they are, bongo

In the beginning we weren't savages
In the beginning we didn't live behind bars
At the first sign the hostages were freed
In the beginning we didn't show off

Benjamin Biolay - In the Beginning

Can't spend ya whole life payin on ya car notes
It's alright if you still on the block boy
See ima cold young thug, not a hot boy
You know I do this for the streets, n my peeps thas behind bars
As soon as they come home, I'll go n buy them all cars
Young Buck!

young buck - let me in

But for Joan Serra,
today there was no more luck,
two soldiers had seized him,
and now he rests behind bars.

And everybody that good morning

Lluís Llach - The Bandolero

he gave everything for love
everything is so close
the whole world can be seen from the window
so what, if it's behind bars

When he's in silver armor

Kayah - Tower made of amber

Behind bars
For few words
That he thought so hard.
Outside it's hot
Thousands of birds
Fly effortlessly.

Johnny Hallyday - Diego

I mean, come on, can't you hear what you say,auntie?
It would be time to start the party
Or your the one who's always anti..
You couldn't refuse me even if you were behind bars
Cause this is my dance song and my pacifier message
I heard voices and they all told me

Maximilian - The volume at Maxim...ilian

Deceive my death like Machiavelli
The Habub [fn] A sand storm that speeds up to 80 kilometers an hour [/fn] make the sheet [fn] Çarşaf turkish word for bed sheet [/fn] ready
500 gramms of cocaine, ask Miami
To all my brothers behind bars,
They cannot witness my ascension
Five gold chains around the neck like Mister T [fn] American actor [/fn]

Miami Yacine - Cocaine

Baba Saad, this name is a program, this name is known
standing at the dock, it's my turn, if that means that it storms,
they want to see me behind bars,
because they say they don't like my "Being Free"
but unfortunately they have bad luck, they'll never place me under arrest again,

Baba Saad - Rain

i will not give up

just like looking through a window behind bars
lonely and a little disorientated
What's there to understand, you wanted tolerance

Verba - it may not work out

And the pages that I've turned
And it seems to me that we all love the chase
But once we're caught we feel encaged
Behind bars of love and trust uprooted
We're drunk in lust by people
People just like us

Passenger - Needle In The Dark

You were not born for suffering
Understanding is beautiful and human
My regards I send to all bloodless revolutions
Respect to all those who spent years behind bars like Mandela
Believing all the time that there is hope
Let it be granted to us, this faith in goodness, in diversity, in human dignity

Mezo - Wake Up

Those shababs[fn]Guys/boys[/fn]gets adrenalin
Two-bob-cabines[fn]A 2-cigarette joint in a car with the windows and doors closed[/fn], you make a shlite half ejner[fn]Flabby 1½ -cigarette joint[/fn]
We yell "free Noah Carter"[fn]A.k.a. Carter the Kid, member of the Copenhagen rapgroup B.O.C.[/fn]
Hang in there all you brothers behind bars
Shots to my head and that's without a debanja[fn]Pistol[/fn]
Booze in my blood so we throw para[fn]Money[/fn]

Sivas - In Full Speed


Tell me why would you go that far
Your love had me locked up behind bars oh
But the chains are now gone
I've never felt so free or so strong

Angel Taylor - Epiphany

Play, my friend, and I will be singing,
So that my belly wouldn’t ache,
Let the people judge us,
Let’s get merry behind bars.

Otava Yo - Sumetskaya

Here in this prefabricated building everyone grows up without a father
Proud fathers raise the sons with a harsh fist
Everyone ends up as drug dealer
Either on the needle or 15 years behind bars
Even my brother sits for a lifetime
at a place where a human can't life

Massiv - If the Moon Crashes Down into My Ghetto

If I end up in Vester Fængsel
So lonely with a life sentence
For committing theft
If I'm behind bars
All alone a lonely summer
For committing theft

hasan shah - Theft

The customs wait, ready
There was no smuggling, bribery, embezzlement
The police got them
She sang the song behind bars

While Jašar is still

Zabranjeno pušenje - Our Vukota is Getting Married

Now they make deals with global corporations
For who they kill and people are still dying
Silence is a treasure you take to the graveyard, it seems
So if you ask any any questions they will put you behind bars
And just like today, dissatisfied
They still wait a change and swear through their teeth.

C.T.C. - Vlad Dobrescu - The Crystal ball

Between chains of blood, freedom escapes
And his fate rots kneeling in the humidity</fn>dampness.</fn>

As revenge, he swore to kill the man who once wanted him behind bars
Looking in his heart, he found a crack so big that he was able to escape
[And] when he found the traitor, he killed his enemy in a fair fight

Quinta Enmienda - Fifth Amendment

Weather-bitten and scarred by life
Embittered and surrounded by temptation
Like behind bars, always the same
Each of my steps caused a problem
Nights passed in heinous fashion

Sido - One of Those Stones

Women behind bars
Women in fast cars
Women in distress
Women with no dress
Women in aeroplanes
Women who play games

Foreigner - Women

He didn't even suspect
You won't believe me

Now behind bars on visiting days
Our man will put on perfume
He'll put on perfume

Aterciopelados - Miss Sugarcane


Now David Letterman is saying
You're living behind bars
You've never had a real suntan
You'll never touch real stars

Nephew - White on Black

Crucified based on pills

I'm Evaristo, the king of the deck (of cards)
I live behind bars, I was a body man before
Merchants occupied my temple
and they applied me

Extremoduro - Jesus Christ García

When the war has been fought and been won
Our Marshal returns, to be thrown into jail
Facing torture and years behind bars
When he's finally back, life in ivory black

Sabaton - Far from the Fame

And for not hearing her complaints
I gave up my evasion
I remained prisoner behind bars
I remained prisoner behind bars
of that sad... prison

Antonio Molina - Prison's Rose

Tonight the hogans slam
I need to talk you about your mom and her 19 year old boyfriend
Hulks 18 year old son is in jail he's sentenced to 18 months behind bARS
Saying this is tough is an understatement
She had to report that she was being followed by hulk which was a violation of the restraningorder

Brooke Hogan - Intro

How many are behind bars, that wanna be free?
How many behind bars, that we need out here?
How many behind bars, accordin' to law?
Who's got the money, got the power too,
and who's got the power, is in the right![fn]both in a legal sense and everyday sense of "being right" I think.[/fn]

Ton Steine Scherben - The Fight Keeps Goin'

I think I could be going crazy, going crazy, oh
Feeling the walls come closer, find these corners out
Cause I'm behind bars, cause I'm behind bars

The Wanted - Behind Bars

... There're are, however,
quite different lands:
Nobody's behind bars there,
and scaffolds aren't ever built,
Women there don't weep

Ariya - You'll Be Given the Sign!

We held our love behind bars
No visitors, no oh no
He had my heart on death row

Jasmine V - The Break Up Song

If they don't give me the job I must make robbery
Our youth is damned, the system knows why
And everyone wants to be like Santa Claus, like he who wraps
We lost all cash, now my soul's behind bars

Just like Stein Bagger, Stein Bagger

Ukendt Kunstner - Stein Bagger

When I saw her, I understood
What the gray building in the courtyard
Of the monastery explained, behind bars
Without words

Nando Reis - The Square With The Tree

My own posse like it's freakin' ten o' me
I don't know why these record labels signed him
If being wack was breaking the law you'd be a convict
Locked up behind bars
I throw on my hiking boots and climb charts
All from the skills I got, I stay true to it

PaceWon & Mr. Green - Hip Hop


Nu siger David Letterman
You're living behind bars
You've never had a real suntan
You'll never touch real stars

Nephew - Hvidt på Sort

Take a look at your life 'fore you judge mine
Middle finger high, fuck a peace sign
Please give me somethin' to write about, it's been too long
23 years behind bars, no father, shoulder to lean on
No love lost, just cold found
I just... wanna see wealth and my family smile

Tyga - Bloodline

Endure with the team
In my party and my block
Pure cognac at the world
Cause my weed is behind bars
And I'm strained like a slave
Stranded in that slum

Sivas - The Good Life

Because I couldn’t control myself
I now I find myself
behind bars
And with my children
alone in the street

Los Chichos - The Story Of Juan Castillo

Persecuted like the Inquisition in Spain
Condemned, made to repent my religion of pain
Set on fire like in Salem where the witches were slain
Behind bars till I die for these bricks of cocaine
No regrets though I pray to my saints often
Holy Death, lying awake in a coffin

La Coka Nostra - The Eyes Of Santa Muerte

I look at the calendar, I know that winter is coming.
Our street changes colors in front of our eyes.
Behind bars of yellow foliage, I see birds.
My twentieth autumn drives me crazy.

Viktor Tsoi - City

You better do it like it's twenty-five to life,
Two steps from the yard,
One man behind bars,
Move on, move on, move on me,
Better get your move on like you stole something,

ZZ Ward - Move Like U Stole It

That's less than what you spent on my dissociation.

It's written in the stars
Not to be behind bars
It's written in,
It's written in the stars. [x2]

Canorous - Written In the Stars

Now that's a crime

Cops they could do no harm, hey
Not even the SWAT could put you behind bars, hey
Now you keep giving it in while I'm still giving it all
You do whatever to win, you're even breaking the law

Robin Stjernberg - Crime

Such humiliation led to no revenge, it turned into redemption
A life of unpleasantness, I've witnessed no faith
How deep it is to see the world's weight on a woman's back!
Alexandre behind bars and me thinking of suicide at 8
damn, woman, where did your strenght come from?
I thought it was cool to walk with the thugs, so stupid!

Emicida - Mom

Scarred who never flinched and never backed down
Street dog that never followed codes and never snitched
Old dog that learned how to sit
My son growing up, missed it behind bars
No ones here for credit, had to pay
Also had to watch my girl leave, life is a bitch

Kartellen - My Hood

Heart cant stood while heard the death sentence

I've convicted by this way, I'm dropping tears
I'm crying like a looking behind bars

Fatih Kısaparmak - In the to jail

Look at you, how beautiful you are!
Why do they stare at you?
Cage you behind bars and panes of glass-
So that they can take a picture of you?
Look at you, how smart you are!

Moop Mama - Elephant

Gone are thoughts and I barely notice
Crystals like the snow that's falling
So much will, but behind bars

Light that glimmers in the dark, people everywhere you stand to the left of the door

Petter - Look at me now

It's fucked if you want to see me fail
Touch my family we are going to fight hard
They told me what are you waitin for to shoot their ass
I said "there are already to much brother behind bars"
I like the speed and the big cubes
Blondes, Brunette with fat asses

Jul - Hello

I want vanilla and honey, I will probably never have those.
The sweet pleasure is forbidden or at least behind bars.
What country does vanilla grow in, does honey sting its taker?

Ultra Bra - The Exciting Taste of Temptations

We just copy-cat, following the system (black zombies)

Aiyyo we trapped in our own brain, fuck behind bars
We've already gone insane
We've already gave up, cut our own heads offs

Nas - Black Zombie

You won 3 days at the most, two more (days)
My heart can't be imprisoned or put behind bars
You just earned yourself a little delay
And you have no reason to be happy

Paschalis Terzis - Today....Plus Two More (Days)

Behind bars
For some words
That he thought so loudly.
Outside, outside it's hot
Thousands of birds
Fly effortlessly.

France Gall - Diego (Free in his head)

I close my eyes and I see images of you I remember outside in the window watching the droplets running down on the table (truth) only one time we will strongly fall in love but don't try to find love in someone else
Take my hand and love me today
Live in the moment because tomorrow I might leave and go behind bars
today we are friends but tomorrow acquaintances
I want your lips to pass through your gate and don't listen to others even your friends are jealous

SNIK - Everything changes

you’ll see the crazy guy who, for three thousand lire, sold his mother to a dwarf.

An upright citizen’s opinion of such men is bound to be harsh:
You’ll probably think that they should all be locked away to die behind bars.
But if you look at them from top to bottom then you’ll certainly see
if they’re not pure inside, they’re still their mothers' pride; they’re victims of society.

Fabrizio De André - The Old Town

Totalitarian rap - it's an aquarium
For all those who used to be fond of the sea.
Totalitarian rap - it's an animal zoo
Where you are behind bars like flea.

Totalitarian rap - it's an auction trade floor

Alisa (Russia) - Totalitarian Rap

Inmate's life still sucky
Sucky, sucky, sucky
Life behind bars was not very nice
Hideous and messy
Who would ever guessy

Horrible Histories - Australia Song

Since I was sucked into a dangerous quagmire,
And my life is now an endless game.

And if I am captured and locked in behind bars,
I'll break these bars in my prison cell,
And let the Moon glimmer with venal light among stars,

Arkadiy Severnyi - Steam Engine, Slow Down

Now we're sick and tired looking all over
But we'll be happy to do it again like a replay-aya
Hunting for the one and only
But happiness is locked up behind bars
There's just - one loss, one name
My loss, your name

Jimilian - Who Gives You Permission

I almost suffocate in the dead air of the court
Facing a life sentence, I finally began to think
Behind bars, nothing is the same
There is no peace in the eyes of the damned
Just an inch of pencil to draw comic from prison

Shawn Sung - Life's a Struggle

All the thieves they shudder
By day and by night
See themselves behind bars
And who has done this ?
Kalle Blomquist, Master Detective

Astrid Lindgren - Kalle Blomquist Song

And the pages that I've turned
And it seems to me that we all love the chase
But once we're caught we feel encaged
Behind bars of love and trust uprooted
We're drunk in lust by people
People just like us

Passenger - In The Dark

the Mercuriales[fn]massive towers near Bagnolet[/fn],
solitude's circus
winter in Corsica.
I am the Grapefruit villa[fn]reference to a villa illegally purchased by Patrick Balkany, a well known corrupt French politician who dealt in so many shady businesses these last 30 years it's a wonder to see him anywhere but behind bars. I'm not sure the details are worth half a page of explanation[/fn]
the verrine[fn]fancy container used in posh restaurants[/fn] and the parking valet,
the rifle in its bag,

Bertrand Burgalat - The child on the back seat

And lifieline turns into dot
Strings and days,poem after poem
Stitiching your body with soul and fire
Here behind bars boss is colonel
My freedom-it's a radio receiver!

Kipelov - I'm free

In pet shops
There are animals
That spend all their life
Behind bars
And us, we are the brothers
Of this poor livestock

Juliette Gréco - The Good Life

But behind the curtain, you're not well in your skin
The more you do your show, the more you want your dose
Whether it's true or false, you don't choose your words
The next level, is behind bars


Le Groupe Swing - Face to Face

You from the hood but you a Queen baby
Ass fat it can't even fit in them jeans, baby
Matchin' Wraith with the stars, baby
I'm a street nigga, I'm supposed to really be behind bars, baby
Really wanna be faithful but this shit hard, baby
Yup, I got the pussy first and then I ignored you

Chris Brown - Pills And Automobiles

Blah, blah, blah, go fuck yourself, dumbass!
Oh my, are you completely insane?
Absolutely not, you stupid asshole
The man belongs behind bars!
What, because he's black?
Uh, he's wearing a mask, you idiot!

Alligatoah - In the Name of the Law

Lord, let me find him
That I may see him
Safe behind bars
I will never rest
Till then

Jason Manford - Stars

I'm talking about the women all around the world

Women behind bars
Women in fast cars
Women in distress

Great White - Bitches and Other Women