Artists I Listen To

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Who cares my favourite singers, I don't know hahaha but somebody will check this out and maybe I'll inspire some of them. So let's start!

아티스트 | United States Rock

I know just a few songs but they make music in a different way, I think.

11. Gripin
아티스트 | Turkey Rock
13. Angèle

My favourite singer who sings in French:")

14. Moyka

She will be new Sigrid in the future;)

Top 2 songs:  Colder Bones
15. Sigrid
아티스트 | Norway Electropop Pop

My inspiration source💖

16. Lauv
아티스트 | United States Pop R&B/Soul

There are so many words to define how much I love him. The first song I've heard from him was "The Other (Stripped)" and it was the beginning of my Lauv journey:)
He is reason of my hopes, my wishes, everything I want to live. So, if you see this text Lauv, I want to say I'm very grateful to all the things you've made, all the things you've changed in my life. Thank you for being there💙
Lauv you.

You're the sweetest person that I've ever seen. I didn't see you in real life but everything about you always makes me comfortable, respectful, and maybe a better person, I don't know. Thanks for coming into my life with your all happiness.
My youth is yours.
And #loveislove

Top 3 songs:  Be Alright Half A Man Waves

You make me remember that the songs don't have to have lyrics to be good. Also your songs which include various artist sound amazing.
Closer the better, right?

21. Duman
아티스트 | Turkey Rock
23. Guf
아티스트 | Russia Hip-Hop/Rap

Clearly, the best rapper who sings in Russian