Finnish Songs I Like

Created by 게스트 on 04 Mar 2018

The title says it all.

My first translation on LT.

I first heard this song in school, I think. Fell in love instantly.

Another song I heard in school. I was supposed to play this on the piano. It was awful.

The summer hit of 2006. This is the song I heard on my first school day in Finland.

번역:  영어

Summer hit of 2008. Yeah, 2008 was an awesome year.

Summer hit of 2012. 2012 was an awesome summer, too.

A really nice, sensual song.

I just love Haloo Helsinki. The first song I heard from them.

Their last single, the theme song for "Tuntematon sotilas" (2017), "The Unknown Soldier", a movie based on Väinö Linna novel of the same name.

A recent acquaintance, this a anti-war, anti-racism song from a Finnish indie band Heimovalta. I like the songs relative tranquil expressiveness.

번역:  영어 스페인어

Available on Spotify.

번역:  영어 스페인어

Although this can be seen as a patriotic song, it also tells the story of longing for one's roots.

아티스트 | Finland

It's a nice energetic, metaphorical and creative love song. What else do you want?

번역:  영어

A really mystrious-sounding song.

번역:  영어

Sang this song in a singing test in school.

Thank you for women - what else is there to say?
Available on Spotify:

번역:  영어

A mystical, sad song. A real gem.

I don't remember when I first heard this song, but it got stuck in my head.

번역:  영어

Memories. The music video is weird, though.

번역:  영어 독일어

I like the melody and rhythm of this one.

A very positive song about hidden strength.

Another summer hit.

Folk vibes.

번역:  영어


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