Laura Pausini - 20 – Grandes Éxitos (2013) [Tracklist]

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Laura Pausini - 20 – Grandes Éxitos (2013) [Tracklist]

"20 – Grandes Éxitos" is the first compilation album in Spanish by Laura Pausini. This album is the Spanish version of the album "20 – The Greatest Hits (2013)".

Released: Nov 12, 2013
Genre: Latin pop
💿 Format: CD, Digital Download

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20 – The Greatest Hits (2013)20 – Grandes Éxitos (2013)Simili (2015)

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CD1 (From item 1 to 17)

Note: Before the song "La Soledad" comes an amateur recording of Laura Pausini singing, from 1976 called "Ramaya":

La soledad (new version 2013 featuring Ennio Morricone):

New version 2013 featuring Marc Anthony:

New version 2013 featuring Alejandro Sanz:

Featuring Michael Bublé, recorded at the Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles in 2005:

Featuring Ray Charles

번역:  포르투갈어

Featuring Andrea Bocelli
📹 Official video

Live (Recorded at the San Siro stadium on June 2, 2007):

Remastered version 2013:

Note: After the song "Celeste" comes an amateur recording of Paola Carta saying the word "mamma", from 2013:

New studio track Featuring Álex Ubago (re-issue)
📹 Official video

New studio track, Solo version:

New studio track featuring Thalía (re-issue)
📹 Official video

New studio track featuring Kylie Minogue.