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LAY | 西 (WEST)

Created by SindArytiy on 22 Sep 2022 | 최종 수정: SindArytiy, 30 Sep 2022
LAY | 西 (WEST)

西 (WEST) is a 5th mini album by LAY. It was officially released on September 24, 2022. This EP contains a total of five songs: 'Veil', '3 Wishes', '懂', '我不在乎' and '面纱 (中文版)'. The title track 'Veil' (English version) also has a Chinese version.

In creating this EP, Zhang Yixing took inspiration from the ancient "Xizhou Opera" ("西洲曲") and began a new musical journey from "East" to "West" with the concept of "Dream of Xizhou" (“寻梦西洲”). The first single from the EP, "Veil", Zhang Yixing made the audience unravel the mystery of the Xizhou with his "feast for guests and friends" music.

Using the allegory of "dream" and "reality", Zhang Yixing expresses his longing for beauty in his heart through his song "Veil" and says he will never stop.



Song languages:  영어, 중국어

Song languages:  영어, 중국어

곡의 언어:  중국어

번역:  영어