Long distance - Love songs

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Long distance - Love songs

This regroups all the songs where the two lovers must overcome the distance
This collection is opened for song suggestions, and its aim is to be of use for everybody.
This project is the result of collective work (still having to be done), by all the members that
suggested songs in comments, in addition to the one i knew. I thank you all in advance for
your precious help, and suggestions and would be really glad if this is of help to anyone Regular smile

She is always waiting for his letters, saying he will come back,
when she has one she is walking on Sunshine,
but at the end she wants him to stay, and not just for a week end.

The two lovers are always travelling, which is hard for a Relationship
and meet sometimes, but they never live at the same hour
she tries to ignore it, but she always think of him, and loses her sleep
He feels lost without her

She is incredibly happy, because he is back!
each time they start all over again, and each time, she falls even
more in love with him, she needs to stay in the car to scream her joy

번역:  프랑스어

A guy and a girl made the promess of never breaking up,
but as she went far away, he doesn't get anymore news
from her. now he realises this promess was a lie.

번역:  프랑스어

The girl is far away, and trying to reassure him on the phone,
but he doesn't like this feeling, and becomes really jealous,
also by the fact that she is having fun beside of him. He
regrets this proximity control he had over her

The guy stood in Madrid, ans she flew away. He is missing her, and
mostly affraid that she will meet someone else. because on the phone,
he notices she has a lot of really eager friends, and she is having a lot of fun

A girl is crying, because a boy has taken her heart with him, the
guy is a traveller, he is always on the move and might never come back.
The girl is wondering, what she is going to do, not to fall in despair

The singer is far away from his lover, and he would like to come back,
but already his love starts to fade away

번역:  프랑스어

Her lover is far away, like the Wind, but she sends him goodnight through the Wind
of Alatsata

번역:  프랑스어

Her lover has gone to discover new worlds over seas, and left her at home alone,
she didn't want to go with him because she loves her country more than him
he lives adventure, and her poverty. but for her country, she had to sacrifice her love

번역:  프랑스어 영어

Her lover is gone to discover the world, to earn money, and left her behind

번역:  영어 프랑스어

He stood while his girlfriend left. For him the atlantic ocean, is way too big, for him to
go to her, he needs her nearer.

The singer has to leave his home, his friend, and his love. but he will keep her in
his heart deep. He doesnt't want to go, and leave her, but has to, like everyone fulfilling his life

He was with her just before, and wish she were with him. He needs her to guide him through
life. He feels alone, and only thinks of her, doesn't know how to deal with his life alone.

She promised that if he was waiting for her while she is gone, she will eventually make
her way back to him. She misses him very much, and thinks about all the things they have done

He has left his girlfriend alone, and is pretty worried she might feel alone. So he advises her
to kiss the rain if she misses him. Hoping to confort her and advises her to think of him

He has nothing more to do to prevent him from thinking of her.
He can't stand being stuck here, far away from her. time is eternity, and it's killing him

He is insisting on the fact, that even if they're far away, and she badly wants to see him like she
says, Nothing is going to stand in her way, because there is always a way toward him

번역:  프랑스어

Miles have torn them, he misses her and all her ways.

She is ready to do anything to see him again even go through a thousand miles.
She keep thinking of him, and wonders if he does the same.

It's not like old times, and everybody moves far away today.
She wants to see her face, went already once, but it is very too far away.
She just would like to hold him

| 영어 Red

He goes in pieces, depressed, to her far away, so that she can put his pieces together again,
until next time they will see each other again.

His girldfriend is miles away. He makes a lot of hypotheses, on how he will go,
but as for now, he can only remember her. When he will finally arrive to see her,
he will set the bar on fire.

His girlfriend is far away, but he is ready to wait for her, forgetting the miles between them.
For her he will find patience, eventhough it won't be easy.

He will soon see his girlfriend again, but doesn't feel to sure, is nervous, because after all this time
he doesn't know if things have changed between them. He can't wait, but is affraid of it too

He is gone, let his girlfriend alone, but he'll pay the bill, later, for her loneliness,
when he'll come back. they just have to wait a bit more to live together again, until then,
they can still see other, keep in touch, when it's too hard.