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NMIXX | Funky Glitter Christmas - The 1st Intermixxion Single

Created by ดอกไม้ จริง on 26 Nov 2022
NMIXX | Funky Glitter Christmas - The 1st Intermixxion Single

The first Intermixxion Single 'Funky Glitter Christmas'!
A special gift prepared by NMIXX to celebrate the first Christmas spent with NSWER!

"Intermixxion Single" is a combination of 'Intermission', which refers to the break between acts in performances such as plays and musicals, and 'XX' in NMIXX. means a special single or album with In the future, Intermixxion Single plans to reach NSWERs in various forms and concepts.

NMIXX's first season song 'Funky Glitter Christmas' is a pop genre, led by funky brass and piano rhythms, and you can feel NMIXX's various vocal styles and bright energy. The musical narration and the pre-chorus of jazzy vibes added a variety of compositions to further enhance the color of their music.
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Written by Hwang Yu Bin / Cho Yu Ri / JJean / Justin Reinstein / ALYSA
Produced by ALYSA

Song languages:  영어, 한국어

번역:  러시아어, 영어