The Voice (Portugal) - Winners

Created by Alma Barroca on 20 Jan 2020
The Voice (Portugal) - Winners

In this collection you'll find all artists who won the Portuguese version of the reality show 'The Voice' (also known as 'A Voz de Portugal' in its first season).

아티스트 | Portugal Rock

Winner of Season 1 (2011-2012).

Team Rui.

Top song:  Cryin'
아티스트 | Portugal

Winner of Season 2 (2014).

Team Anselmo.

Top song:  Unica Mulher
아티스트 | Angola Pop

Winner of Season 3 (2015-2016).

Team Mickael.

아티스트 | Portugal Pop

Winner of Season 4 (2016).

Team Mickael.

아티스트 | Portugal

Winner of Season 5 (2017).

Team Marisa.

Top 2 songs:  A vontade Perdido
6. Marvi
아티스트 | East Timor

Winner of Season 6 (2018).

Team Marisa.

Top song:  Canção do Mar
아티스트 | Portugal

Winner of Season 7 (2019).

Team António.

Top song:  No Teu Poema