Amir Mounib - We Ba2ool (و بقول) (영어 번역)


We Ba2ool (و بقول)

اول ما شفتك
قلبى سألنى سؤال
قالى حقيقه ده ولا خيال
اللى انا شايفه قصادى هناك؟
مقدرتش امنع قلبى
فضل يناديك
وده بان فى عنيك
ودى اجمل صدفه فى عمرنا
اللى انا فيه ده ياريته يطول
وافضل ليك
ومعاك على طول
طول منا فيا حبيبى حياه
انت اللى قلبى ارتحلك
يوم مالاقاك
حبيت تكون ايامى معاك
ولا غيرك ينفع ليا انا
انا مش هسيبك عمرى
واسيبك ليه؟
هو الحب ده فين الاقيه
دانتا بقيت كده منى انا
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영어 번역

and I say

when i first saw you, my heart asked me a question
it asked me, was this the truth/ reality or was it imagination..
what i am seeing is standing there
i couldnt stop my heart, it started and continued to call for you
i was comfortable with him, and it showed in his eyes
this is the most beautiful of coincidents
and i say, i hope that what i am oin will last
and that i stay with you, and in you for all time
for when you are around, in me is life my love/darling
you are the one with whom my heart became rested/comfortable/ happy when i found you
i wanted my days to be with you, and no one else will be ok for me
i will never leave you, my life/love, and why would i (leave you)?
for where will i find love like this, you've become a part of me!
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Velsket    火, 13/03/2018 - 15:04

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