Spanish/Mexican telenovelas in English Subtitles

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Hi. I'm from India. I am a very big fan of Thalia.
I want to see her telenovelas - Marimar and Rosalinda in English Subtitles.
But I haven't been able to find any of them on the Internet. Not only this, but also other Telenovela Subtitles.

I've been upto sites such as and but they too don't have any information about Thalia.
It would be great if anyone provided me.
Edit: The other thread has been closed, so I wrote this in a new thread.


Watch Maria La Del Bario too, it was great.
I don't know about subtitles, maybe you should go to and download them.

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Okay thank you barbie doll!☺️
I watched the first episode. The guy fernando looks exactly like Mohit Rana, an Indian actor. So similar. And cute Thalia, oh I'm in love with her.

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