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I was looking for an idiom, and two (mostly identical) entries were found : this one :

could be identical to these :

I know lots of idioms are added although they're already on the site, but could someone just combine those entries to make just one ? It could be really nice, because they've got the same meaning.
Maybe we could also find a solution, because that part of the website is a mess, as some already pointed this out.

Thanks !

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Hi. Yes, they have the same meanings, but they are not duplicates. That's why I think they shouldn't be merged. They are just equivivalents. If "cry one's eye out" were twice, then yes, we should merge duplicated idioms. Thus I think these idioms may remain.

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No, they don't have the same meanings. And the idiom "cry-baby" is not remotely like the text that cllaims to illustrate it.

In fact it's rather hard to see how a verb phrase (eg "cry ones eyes out") could be thought to mean the same as a compound noun (eg "cry-baby"). In fact they don't mean the same thing at all.
The confusion has probably arisen because the idiom labelled "cry-baby" isn't "cry-baby" at all, but "cry like a baby".
The three idioms in this confusion are:
Cry like a baby: means cry with tears and loud wailing noises and without words.
Cry ones eyes out: means weep continuously with many tears for more than a short time.
Cry-baby: means a person who weeps and moans often, frequently as a result of something trivial which no reasonable person would consider a cause for weeping and moaning.

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I up this post but I've seen lots of same idiom (exact same, with a "," or "." that allows it to duplicate) lately.
Like :
with :

Maybe someone can help ?

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