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Coplas of "Dos tipos de cuidado"

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(P)People say sincerely, when there's a wedding
that the groom always love her, or else to have a wake for her.
There won't be sorrow for this bride because she'll have a good husband,
Jorge Bueno is something good, at least as surename.
Jorge Bueno is so good, he's also son of good.
And his grandfather, he's so good! Who could have a name like him.
(J)I'll try to be as good as my surename says.
May the one who asked for a vigil swallow his poison.
Peter with lastname Malo, I'll return your quatrain.
He's just boastful because he's not bad but lazy.
Pedro Malo is so bad, he's bad by duty.
And his grandfather, he's so bad! He needs to have his lion.
(P)On a golden morning someone clouded the landscape.
They were a crown and a parrot plucking each other.
Let's forget the past if the blame is on the luck,
because bad mixed with good becomes regular.
I'm bad, I don't deny it, but I wish to mix
bad and good in the case something regular comes out.
(J) A certain scum scorpion was visiting an apiary
to see if it could remove its poison with the honey.
As it won't be good for the evil pleasure,
with the honey and its poison the scum is now purged.
May who understands understand, if he knows how,
and if he doesn't, we must make him understand.
(P)I'm sure that I'm not a fool like you... have presumed.
(J)Not a fool but nosy by the hunger... of friendships.
(P)I always calm the hunger with the friend's feast.
(J)Despicable, not a beggar, is the one who steals his friends.
(P)You say so.
(J)I hold it.
(P)Don't get tired.
(J)Don't snap at me.
(P)I snap at you.
(J)Well, this song is over.
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Jorge Bueno (Jorge Negrete's character) can be translated as George Good
Pedro Malo (Pedro Infante's character) can be translated as Peter Bad


Coplas de Dos tipos de cuidado

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