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Couplets from "Two dangerous guys"

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(P2) People sincerely say, every time there's a wedding,
that if the groom doesn't love the bride, is best to prepare a funeral.
But there's no reason to pity this bride, for she'll have a good husband.
Jorge Bueno is a good thing... at least as a last name 3.
Jorge Bueno is very good, son of a Bueno too,
and his grandfather, "so good", it would be nice to have such a name.
(J 4) I'll try to be as good as my last name says.
The one who asked for the funeral should drink the poison that he spat.
Pedro has "Malo" as a last name, but is meant to emphasise5.
He's just bragging because he isn't evil... he's just incompetent.
Pedro Malo is very bad, he was born bad,
and his grandfather, "so bad", we'll need to buy him a lion.
(P) In a golden morning, something was clouding the landscape:
a crow and a parrot tearing each other's plumage 6.
Let's forget the past, we must blame fortune 7,
because good and bad mixed will turn out "regular" 8.
I'm Malo, won't deny that, but I'd like to mix
Malo and Bueno, just in case it results in something "ok" 9.
(J) A scavenger scorpion was visiting an apiary
to see if his poison could be cured with honey 10.
Of course Bueno is a good thing for the wicked's pleasure.
But with honey and his poison that miserable scorpion... got purged.
The one who can, will understand it, if he knows how to understand 11.
And if he won't understand, we'll make him understand it 12.
(P) You know I'm not as dumb as you... have suggested.
(J) Not dumb, but meddling for the hunger13... of friendships.
(P) I can always cure hunger with a delicacy from a friend 14.
(J) The one who steals from his friends is not a beggar, but a despicable person15.
(P) If you say so.
(J) I hold it.
(P) Be careful, you'll get tired.
(J) Don't escape!
(P) Of course I'll escape!
(P) Then this song is over.
  • 1. This song is a scene from a movie. This is a fight between two men that used to be friends. They dated each other's relative: Pedro Malo was dating Jorge Bueno's sister, and Jorge was dating Pedro's cousin. Suddenly, Pedro disappeared to marry his own cousin, Jorge's girl. A year later, Jorge is recently engaged, and finds out that Pedro is back, married, with a newborn baby, and flirting with his sister again. The scene takes place at the engagement party, where Pedro appeared uninvited.
  • 2. Pedro Malo's part.
  • 3. Jorge's last name, Bueno, means good/fine.
  • 4. Jorge Bueno's part.
  • 5. Pedro's last name, Malo, means bad/evil/incompetent.
  • 6. This image represents both singers, fighting.
  • 7. Pedro is trying to reunite with his friend.
  • 8. Pedro is implying that wants Jorge's sister: she's a Bueno too.
  • 9. Pedro confirms that is talking about Jorge's sister.
  • 10. Pedro is represented by the scorpion, trying to get the honey, Jorge's sister.
  • 11. They're in a public event, so few people understand the true meaning of the lyrics.
  • 12. This is a warning for Pedro.
  • 13. Pedro is poor.
  • 14. This delicacy is Jorge's sister.
  • 15. Jorge says this because Pedro ran away with Jorge's girlfriend a year ago.
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This song is a scene from "Dos tipos de cuidado" ("Two dangerous guys", literally translated as "Two guys we must be careful/fearful about"?). It's made in popular couplets, commonly used for improvise lyrics. This is a very hard song to understand for non-spanish speakers, because it's full of clever jokes based on the meaning of each character's name: Malo, Pedro's last name, means "bad", "evil" and "incompetent"; Bueno, Jorge's last name, means "fine", "good".

I added to the translation some explanatory notes about the double meaning of the words and about the plot, enough to understand the song.


Coplas de Dos tipos de cuidado

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