Milva - Da troppo tempo (영어 번역)

영어 번역

It's been since too long ago

It's been too long that I'm neglecting myself, this is true
But I'm even surprised myself to be like this
Now I nearly ever go out
I've lost the taste for evrything but
if someone has to be blame for this that is you.
It's been too long since I've changed,and d'you know why?
The leap I've taken made me crush over you
yes you're stronger than me
but don't ask me that
I don't want to please you saying so.
I'd like, if I'd like
Believe it I did what was impossible
but an argument with you in the end
is over after
a few trivial words
while I, and God knows it
I'd like to come towards you
but as coy as you are
you bottle up (in your shell)
and take everything as a personal critic
It's been too long, too peaceful
between us it's ok dear
come back when you want to
we still get on quite well
I'm talking about ourbodies
This for loving it's not enough, no
It's been too long since I've untided the knot
inside which I kept floundering
to get out, you know now
It's seems I'm telling you
no, if I think about it you'll stay here
what if I leave...? it's better!
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not everything made sense in Italian, so I translated it as best as I could(my english is not perfect sorryyyy) =)


Da troppo tempo

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