Darb el Methayea (درب المضيع) (영어 번역)

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Dilapidated Track

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I am the dilapidated track to your forsaken love
I play the fool, but I see all and hear all
If only you could see, how much pain I'm in when we're apart and you're away
Urgh, you've got one strong heart. Longing doesn't bring you back. Of course not.
Look at you. My torment and distress don't even register as an afterthought to you.1
I can't help it, I'm out of options
My head is spinning like crazy
Fine then, it's all finished; it was all just a page, we've now turned over2
So you just force my hand, and I'm supposed to forget my sacred duty towards our time together? 34
I envy you the kind of patience you've got—that ability of yours to endure
How you get a kick out of seeing somebody begging at your feet
Oh, if only I could rewind everything all the way back
I would jog you memory, how at the very beginning, you said "I'll love you, to the very end."
  • 1. Ignore this footnote if it doesn't make sense; it's a bit rambly. But anyway, I don't need to tell you how often Arabs use the vocative particle 'ya' when addressing not only people, but also things. This means you can take any sentence and turn it into a description you use to address somebody: "You person who eats potatoes you!" When used for chastisement like it is here, it serve to give off this energy like "I'm sick of your bullshit, but I've known you long enough that I'm not surprised any more. That's just the kind of person you are—you do bad things. I get it." Notice the full stops after "look at you." and "of course." in my translation, where you'd expect an exclamation point. You should ideally read these two verses in your head in a deadpan, emotionally-collected tone, almost as if they are a neutral relaying of facts, rather than the desperate plea that they really are. I think the right intonation is what best captures that energy of "ya" in English here, more so than any words I could have used.
  • 2. Remember how the construction "a negative noun and a positive verb" has the added implication of "nothing but"? "A page and we've turned it over" = "It was nothing but a page etc."
  • 3. The disjunctive pronoun "you" here has the added implication of "You do so and so, AND I'M SUPPOSED to do so and so, just like that?" That "and I'm supposed to" is captured by that extra unneeded "you" in the Arabic.
  • 4. '3ishra' is a hard word to translate, but very central to Arab conceptions of morality, especially amongst the working classes. It means the sense of loyalty you develop towards people over time after you share experiences with them. 3ishra is what stops you from taking a golden opportunity to advance your career because you know it would hurt your colleagues at work, even though you wouldn't mind taking it as much if the person being hurt were a stranger instead. This concept is so important to the working class, that there are Egyptian internet memes that mock how often words like '3ishra' are used vapidly amongst the working class when they talk about how the world has wronged them and whatnot.
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Yet another song Dalia sings in Iraqi.

아랍어, 아랍어(기타 변형)/로마자 발음아랍어, 아랍어(기타 변형)

Darb el Methayea (درب المضيع)

Eva PriestleyEva Priestley    月, 30/11/2020 - 21:31

She's an ANGEL sent from HEAVEN [heart eyes]
Could you explain the line الدنيا بيه هوايه فرت a bit more pwetty pwease?

Readwriting BonnetReadwriting Bonnet    火, 01/12/2020 - 06:53

You mean these heart-eyes 😍️? These heart-eyes right here 😍️😍️😍️? Aaaaah, sure is nice having all these emojis on my very own Personal Computer 😜️😏️🤡️🐥️

Oh, alriiiiight, but only because you asked nice-like!

الدنيا = The world
بيا = With me
هواية = very
فرت = spinned around
"The world spinned around with me very much."

Arabs get dizzy, they see the world spinning, and they just call it like they see it. But Brits see the world spinning, then you get all philosophical about how it can't be the whole world that is spinning, and you come to the conclusion that it has to be all in your head, and then you're all "Oh, I'm afraid MY HEAD is spinning 👨‍🏫️"! Very ~fancy~, but guess what, honey, you're milliseconds away from covering yourself in vomit!

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