Der Versuch zu leben (영어 번역)

영어 번역

Attempt to live

In my dream
I can see
You standing in front of me
That will never fade away
Every night
In my dream
You cry softly
But you had to go
We believed so strongly
That nothing could tear us apart
We lived like the day
That was best for us
The world meant nothing to us
It was too pale and vapid
But in the same way
We never saved anything1
The path that we like
Us against the rest of the world
Lead by our own lights
And we had no doubts
Lived experience of self-deception
We never got enough
Because that was clear to us
So clear like nothing else
And this one moment
It comes back every night
This pleading in your eyes
But still you had to go
You still had to go
You had to go
  • 1. As in saving money etc.
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Der Versuch zu leben

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