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I Have The Sorrow, You Have The Cure

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I have the sorrow, you have the cure
I have the love, you have the mandate
That makes die, that pleases...
You have the heart that makes cry everyday
Even though seasons come and pass by
Even though love makes me lose myself
Even if life would be finished on the earth
Still, I have the immortal love
I don't want the separation to bow me down with grief
I don't want my love to be sullied
I loved only you even in my dream
I don't want leaves to fall off in spring
If your love is the flame, then, your longing is the ember
Ask your absence to my heart
It's as if I came into the world (after being) with you
It's so hard to think about living without you
I would say neither to love me nor not to love me
I can't say to love me like the way I love you
I found the joy of my life with you, can't lose it
Where have you been, sweet darling
Did destiny hide you?
The peace which has been waited for years
Embraced me at last
투고자: MeralinaMeralina, 月, 28/02/2011 - 18:46
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There is also a good cover sung by Işın Karaca.


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