Dert Bende Derman Sende (영어 번역)

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I have trouble and you are the cure.

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I have trouble and you are the cure.
I am in love and you are the decree.
You have the heart that kills me,
Makes me laugh and cry everyday
Even though seasons come and go
Even though your love makes me lose myself
Even though it was the end of the world
I have the immortal love.
I don’t want separation to make me destitute
I don’t want my love to be sullied.
I loved only you, even in my dream.
I don’t want the leaves to come down at fall.
If your love is a blaze, your longing is an ember.
Ask my heart your absence.
I am as if I was born with you.
It is very hard for me to imagine living without you.
I can’t tell you neither to love me nor not to love me.
I can't ask you to love as I do
I found the joy of my love with you, I can’t lose it.
Where have you been my darling?
Has the fate been hiding you?
The peace I have been waiting for years
Embraced me at last.
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Dert Bende Derman Sende

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