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Easier Said Than Done

You cry, have you any trouble
Are you in love as much as I am
Who all are trying to find its solution
What all this love can do
You're crazy like Mecnun*
This is fate, it doesn't care about impediment
Everything is a lie, (but) this is real
The creator knows how this is
When you have knowingly fallen in (into the trap)
It (love) doesn't listen, even if you say you're hurted
It's after you even if you run away from
It just doesn't let you go before makes you die
There is no end, this love is like that
It gets broken with your only one word
It becomes a tear, (and) flows in your eye
It's the wound, (and) is bleeding in the heart
Saying to forget it, is easier said than done
The heartache harms only where it falls*
That cruel beloved just doesn't understand it
He gallivants, (and) looks at you from afar
When I love you... that's the way it is...
I'm loving you like that... it's just so much if I'm in love...
I live on as long as it's beautiful
If you're fading, I'm also fading with you
투고자: MeralinaMeralina, 日, 20/03/2011 - 02:01
작성자 코멘트:

I added Deniz Seki's cover version, because I couldn't find a video of good quality.

*"Leyla and Mecnun" is the most famous love story in Turkey. Something like Romeo & Juliet.

* Proverb/Lic: A fire burns where it falls
Means like: A sorrow only really affects/harms its immediate victim


Dile Kolay

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