double-edged sword

투고자: St. Sol, 13.03.2018

double-edged sword (영어) — something that has or can have both favorable and unfavorable consequences

영어, explained by St. Sol on 火, 13/03/2018 - 17:46

Translations of "double-edged sword"

러시아어палка о двух концах
세르비아어Mač sa dve oštrice
영어A mixed blessing
포르투갈어Faca de dois gumes
프랑스어A double tranchant
헝가리어Kétélű kard

"double-edged sword" in lyrics

Of innocent nature
They handle elegance
And of an expert hand
Of a double-edged sword they pierce
Too verbose speeches
That of the rhetorique

Mylène Farmer - F*ck them all

I tell you something
It's a double-edged sword you're giving
And I can't see the truth in living
When we hide with a wall of fear

Adam Lambert - There I Said It

Yes, it will but not our love
Sometimes in your back
And sometimes in your heart
It's a double edged sword

Don't you bother with a cover

The Black Heart Procession - A Cry For Love

from the heights of my roof I bid your help then poof
Looking out to the night
and ask for help to get up and get up and get up and get up and get up and get up and get up and get up and get up and right get up and right get up and get up and get up and right get up and get up and get up and get up and get up and get up and get up and right
See these versus I praise is like a double edged sword
with the glory of the lord, you could never ignore
Reaching up pon the skies settled down pon the floor

Matisyahu - Close My Eyes

This reign that I have built myself,
over the years,
will crumble down on me.
Life's double edged sword gives both pleasure and pain.

And it's MY cross to be carried!

Sentenced - The Way I Wanna Go

Worse than a stray dog

I need it, even if that's the way it is
A double-edged sword
But together, with me, I don't want to see
...this loneliness, this coldness anymore

Anthony Santos - What is it with love

The one who enjoys shattering my soul
The one who made one day eternal for me

I live in danger of this double-edged sword
And I with the question of what was the motive
Why you treated my heart so brutally

La Otra Fe - The Wrong Woman

and light is shining onto my path.
Let's fight, without any fear,

with a double-edged sword brandished over our head.
My life is not so lonesome,

Ao no Exorcist (OST) - In My World

A sky changes color
In blood, butcher in glory
live below
A double-edged sword
In a world
without sympathy

Combichrist - Slaughter

Or are we just feeding our disease

Prisoners of a hopeless war
Fighting with a double edged sword
We could be free
If we stop feeding our disease

Our Last Night - Prisoners

then why do i have to suffer myself
from now on, give all the love to myself
loving each other was making the other smile
now, is that some sort of double-edged sword?
when we broke up, you smiled and i cried, it was really pain i finally realize
the love i gave to you was just for fun

Chi Dân - love myself

Every day and night
The same old atonement
When I grabbed the double-edged sword once again

No clue what's going on

Leevi and the Leavings - Squatting

Loneliness is a double edged sword,
riding, riding,
in every morning that it is
scaping, scaping.
I that cold finger that is always
scratching, scratching.

Dino (Uruguay) - Double edged sword

And recognize all this emptiness is dangerous
Ain't buildin' up they confidence, we teachin' 'em that they ain't shit
If they ain't got the latest that they saw on someone famous
Mercy of the Lord on this double-edged sword
Instead of askin' where the hoes is
Maybe maybe we could ask for roses

Lupe Fiasco - Ital (Roses)

I tried to dream of
the world without you
and I awoke terrified
with tears in my eyes
and I awoke terrified
with tears in my eyes

Voula Stratakis - Double edged sword

I'm really a "serial killer", 'cause i've really
Killed in cold blood , lots of sentiments
Help me going through hard times , using
Your word like a double-edged sword
Teach me what the affection is , what the willpower is,
for me to understand the love and to follow her path !!

Cedry2k - Prayer!

The king comes right back to me
he'll chase away the terrors, as he promised to his loyal ones
with fire, the Evil will clear away human monsters
with the help of a double-edged sword

Well, you know the way you lived, all the evil

Kreyson - Archangel Michael

Like the child who's frightened of the storm
Running away from the pain

It's a double edged sword
It's a dream of a lifetime
Flying away as the rain turns

Born of Fire - The Storm