Durmaz ki Dünya (영어 번역)

영어 번역영어

The World Won't Stop

The world won't stop, it won't stop even you like
The nights can't turn into days
My lips won't be silent when they see you
Make them silent if you can
You can't say "don't see" to my eyes
My heart beats when I think of you
The way 2 + 2 makes 4
My love is equal to yours
Laugh if you like, cry if you like
Here is the fate
Life is tied to coincidences
You are either poor or rich
There's something you don't know
The world is yours if your heart is rich
If your pocket is full but your heart is empty
and there are some who laughs with you
You can't find a friend at heart
The humanity can't be bought with money
The way the rose can't be separated from its thrones
And the truth can't be painted with lies
and this love can't fit in me and overflows,
Running water can't be dammed
투고자: erkanemmaerkanemma, 月, 12/12/2016 - 19:19

Durmaz ki Dünya

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