Tayara (طيارة) (영어 번역)

영어 번역

The plane

The airport went crazy seeing you with tears streaming down your eyes.
But where are you? Did I begin to wonder, my heart is hungry.
And in front of the crowd leaving,
You've stopped, your face nostalgic.
The plane, carrying passengers,
Saw your eyes filled with tears and promised to return soon.
I have stood at the plane's threshold.
And I promised you that I would not be long.
You made me promise, and I sworn it to you,
I would come back to you, no matter what.
Well what else can I do? I am an artist.
I must be lacking some Sundays.
I gave you my heart in Lebanon
So do not worry about it, I would quickly come back.
Oh how beautiful it is, those tears you can not hold anymore,
They're running down on these cheeks I love so much.
Let your eyes being closed, for me.
And do not worry, it will be just for a few days.
You'll see, these days will pass quickly.
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Tayara (طيارة)