Lyrics Formatting Guidelines

  1. Line breaks: Each line of the lyrics should be on a new line, with the first letters capitalized when appropriate.

  2. Verse and chorus separation: Differentiate between the verses and the chorus sections by placing them in separate paragraphs. Use line breaks to separate each line and create a visual separation between stanzas.

  3. 줄의 반복: 특정 줄이나 섹션이 반복되는 경우 "×N" 태그를 사용하는 대신 텍스트에서 여러 번 반복해야 합니다.

  4. Punctuation: Use punctuation marks sparingly in lyrics. Periods are not needed at the end of sentences. Focus on using punctuation marks only when they are necessary for clarity or to emphasize a particular line or phrase.

  5. Additional information: If there are specific annotations that are crucial for the performance or interpretation of the song, you can include them in the submitter's comment or as footnotes for specific parts. Do not add a song title, links, information about the author, etc in the song text.

  6. Translation alignment: It is recommended to match the number of lines in the song with the number of lines in the translation. Additionally, it's beneficial to divide them into the same number of paragraphs as in the song. This ensures a seamless reading experience and enhances the functionality of subtitles, if applicable.

  7. Tags such as "[Chorus]" or "[Intro: Otto & Joost]" are permitted under the following conditions: each tag must be on a separate line, and within square brackets.