Have words

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Meanings of "Have words"


To argue, to have an argument with someone. To speak sternly, angrily, or in an argumentative manner to someone. This may be loud and obnoxious.
This does not necessarily mean yelling, shouting, or loss of temper. If I am your supervisor I may have words with you. It may be in a stern, even-tempered manner with little dialogue. If I ask for your input then we have conversed and 'had words'.

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Εμείς θα τα λέμε

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побраниться; крупно поговорить; поссориться с кем-л.

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"Have words" in lyrics

REOL - REOL サイサキ

Even if I flounder, it won't be transmitted
That's because we only have words

Týr - Sinclair’s ballad

with sharpened axes shouldered,
At Bredebøjg together came,
with the Scot, they would have words.

Jay Chou - Coral Sea

We can't taste if there still is a future)

Turn around and leave (you have words you don't express) can’t say you want a break up
The love between seagulls and fishes,it was only an accident)

R.K.M & Ken-Y - Down


Sik World - Broken Wings

You don't have to relate to me
You don't have to have hate for me
You don't have words to say to me
You don't even have to pray for me

REOL - Omen

Even if I struggle, it won’t be conveyed
But even if that’s the case, we still have words

Lola Indigo - Witch woman

Dare witch, very bad, very bitch, very abracadabra
This is for me, so barks
They believe in God, but don't have words
Look how I adjust, I grab

SEREBRO - Confused

We couldn't find a pulse* as I was leaving
Still, I will leave
And I don't have words, I understood everything
I ripped away our sheets

Francesco Gabbani - Vice Versa

My ideal: a normal life ”

But love, normally, doesn't even have words
They speak of peace and make the revolution

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - Empty Glasses

The letters to talk to you.

I know, I know that I don't have words
And I'm never going to have them

Murat Dalkılıç - what to do with istanbul

i do not have words to say for you
Only few rebuke
Maybe they will also melt if i know
that you are happy

Giorgia - Of Sun And Of Sky Blue

Gentle like the snow
Even the silences, you know
Have words
After the rain and the cold

Dudu Aharon - Gave her to me

You came and touch me in every way, with all the difficulties, you finally arrived, and I knew instantly, that I can beat/win any army in the world, because in all my prayers, that I have aimed/prayed in my heart, I have found you, and
I have realized, that god is great for giving you to me, he gave me everything, because you give me all the reasons to smile again and start living again,
I don't have words,
dear god, to describe your mysterious ways, wich

Jennifer Lopez - Why are you leaving

Now, what can i say?
If i don’t have words anymore
I need to die to understand that it’s for you that my soul puts out

Mustafa Ceceli - Blow

My heart keeps crying blood
You have left your sin at me
You have words (here) that you forgot when you left
Blow wherever you want

France Gall - Babacar

I have images who persist
I have words hitting and resounding
In my body and in my mind

Nopsajalka - I Promise To Be

Here under the same cover
we've got seas, we've got soils
we have words of which might keeps everything still
days go by, weeks roll by

Sik Kid - Broken Wings

You don't have to relate to me
You don't have to have hate for me
You don't have words to say to me
You don't even have to pray for me

Christian Daniel - You Have Turned Into Me

I see my life in the mirror and your reflection follows there
But I can't tell you anything
I already tried to scream and I don't have words
Who am I to judge you if I too have made you suffer?

Grasu XXL - Deja Vu

It seems that i like to see you specially when it hurts
This is love and hate
I don't have words when this peace screams!
It hits bad say what you've to say